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Yang Kun diss Thunder: music is not distinguished between expensive and cheap, but is divided into classics and bad flour

Yang Kun diss “Thunder”: music is not distinguished between expensive and cheap, but is divided into classics and bad flour
After the diss short video soundtrack “Thunder” in Yang Kun’s live room “Thrilling, Tacky”, the original MC of the song responded with six words: The music is high and low, and it is reasonable to exist. It is good music that brings happiness to everyone.Next is a sentence that sparks mass mocking: “Thrill” is hotter than any of your songs.Screenshot of Yang Kun’s Tucao.Discussing “Thrill” and Yang Kun’s many masterpieces, at least the public awareness is meaningless. The question is whether we want to clarify the name of “Thunder” and the wheat culture it represents, or the broader “short video Divine Comedy”.MC six said “existence is reasonable”, but Hegel said that what he is reasonable is realistic, and everything that is realistic is reasonable.The actual reason for the shouting of Mai and various divine songs is actually the reduction of the cloud of music production.MC responded with six screenshots.In 2013, Wang Junzhi once directly asked fans to buy a lot of records on Weibo: My new album will be released tomorrow. Because of the super-standard production, the cost is very large. I really need everyone ‘s support. If my record is at a loss, it may be in the future.There is no chance to post a film.Yes, as early as seven or eight years ago, physical records have reached the end of the road. The largest import company in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the company’s Xingwaixing Records, does not disclose specific numbers on the annual sales list. The once authoritative Taiwan rose public record list G-Music can be ranked in TOP20 as long as you buy an album. The era of physical recording is over, and these all happened in 2012.Even Wang Yunzhi, who is quite popular among music fans, had to ask for help directly on social networks.At that time, it was also the “darkest moment” of the Chinese music scene. The wave of legalization of the online music platform has not yet begun, and the arranging and recording of a record is very expensive. The singers can only step on the lobster festivals, Oktoberfest and the like.Commercial activities, using the money earned from commercial performances and platforms to feed the cost of making music.The opposite is the rise of the shouting wheat culture. In the early days, all kinds of shouting wheat singers with the name “MC” still needed a MIDI keyboard to arrange themselves. Later, they didn’t even need this type of arrangement method.The tone is thick and low, and it can be matched with the melody of ready-made “moving time and playing time”.But it happened that the wide spread of the mobile Internet and the collapse of physical records were fully rolled out. The working class people who were once away from various styles and genres of popular music came into contact with them more kindly, and major MCs alsoSince then, the popularity has been harvested.The “down” in 2018 poured a pot of cold water on the shouting Mai culture, but the popularity of the vibrato and quick hands could turn the shouting Mai back to life.The problem of Shouma is not just cheap manufacturing costs.Cheap production costs can also produce good works-Song Yueting uses a tape recorder with a keyboard at home, and can still produce immortal masterpieces like “Life is a Struggle.”But the lack of shouting is not only the expression form, but also the thought itself embodied in the content.Let’s take a look at the lyrics of one of the most famous songs in Mai Culture, “Drinking and Drinking Alone”: Who will accompany me in my life, who will be with me and who is with meFor whom Rong Ma is in his life, I can love a few times and I hate a few times.The defeated emperor, I fight the sky, I won the throne to become immortal.Between the heavens and the earth, I continue to write an alternative chapter of my emperor.Let’s take a look at the lyrics of “Thunder”: Killing the Immortal and Killing the Buddha, Cultivating the Magic Sword and Sheathing the Blood, I’m Blood-stained and Destroyed Tai Chi Gossip, Sunny Day, Everything, Stars, Hitting the Great Sky, Fighting the Million Army, Fighting the Smoke, Nine Palaces, Gossip, Everything in My HandThe theme expressed by Xingkong Mountain and River is similar: fighting in the battlefield and winning the power, Jiangshan is in my hands.A web game that has been upgraded to level 99 will not be a great game work. Once it has been hung all the way, the web text of Daoxiu Xiuxian will only be regarded as text garbage after the passage of time, and the screaming Mai who fought in the battlefield is still popular.Let Singer Mai earn a lot of money, after being filtered by the times, it will not become a classic, or even a mess.There is no disrespect for the meaning of the audience who call Mai, but as a producer of culture, musicians bear some responsibility on their shoulders.Li Zongsheng said, “Everyone’s aesthetic determines the appearance of music of our time.”Representing this era may be the sound of the Italian balcony, perhaps the rap published by Lu Xun’s article by Peking University students, or even the” silent majority “of the Japanese idol girl group breaking the idol boundary, but it is neverIt should be “Thunder”.□ Chen Xiaohan (music critic), editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen, proofread Zhai Yongjun