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Leopard and the tank can’t even talk about it,Run wildly!

however,Seeing the car start,They are too late!
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Five Fight in the car
Seeing Xiao Xiao being dragged into the car,Chen Wenjin doesn’t know how to describe the mood at the moment……
A Leopard and the tank rushed towards the van,Shouting loudly:“艹!Let go!Remember your license plates!”
however,That van accelerates,Ignored。
Red light at the intersection,Also failed to stop the advance of the van。
The car ran through a red light,Gallop away。
Chen Wenjin didn’t chase,But silently estimated the time of the whole process,then,Mobilized the counter-movement of matter……
He received a call from Abao,Leave the room while talking,Hurry down。
When he goes down,Going back after seeing the tank’s persuasion ineffective。
Abao saw him come down,Waved hello。
Chen Wenjin gestured to Xiao Xiao,Leopard nodded,Thinking of him going directly to persuade Xiao Xiao to go back。
Chen Wenjin walked quickly towards Xiao Xiao and Amei,Estimated time should be enough to avoid the incident,It was a pity that I couldn’t beat the guy in the car with a single pass.。