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First1200chapter The birth of the conspiracy

I don’t know that human temperament is born,It’s still raised。
Qin Xiaomin sitting opposite Xia Jian,There is indeed something different,Is proud、Still indifferent,Anyway, Xia Jian couldn’t tell。It’s just that the things on Qin Xiaomin’s body make him not disgusted at all,Instead he likes it a little。
“Hey!I heard that Xiping Village in Pingyang Township was extremely flooded,Destroyed all the vegetable greenhouses and farms that Pingdu City has always been proud of,Is this true or false?”Qin Xiaomin drinking tea,Suddenly raised my brow and asked such a sentence。
Xia Jian grew up and said in one breath:“Of course it is true,This kind of thing can be fake”
“Not necessarily,The saying goes“Qin Xiaomin said this a little disapprovingly。What she said sounds simple,But thinking about it,Doesn’t seem simple。
Xia Jian thought for a moment,Smiled slightly:“I was in Xiping Village,And went through the whole process of the whole incident,So you should believe what I said“
“Ok!I believe you,But I still want to ask,Why don’t i call you?I just want to learn about your situation through you。Is it what you think of me?Or listening to other people talking nonsense?“When Qin Xiaomin asked this,,There is a heroic spirit between the eyebrows。
Xia Jian poured tea for them,Only then smiled slightly:“Since the first rainstorm in Xiping Village,I’ve been sticking to the village committee of Xiping Village。When you call me,I just fell asleep,When I woke up, there were dozens of missed calls on my phone,I saw it and didn’t reply“
“Oh!So I blamed you“A beautiful smile appeared on Qin Xiaomin’s face。
Two people drinking tea,Talking nonsense,Xia Jian gradually discovered,This Qin Xiaomin is not what everyone said,She looks cold,Actually inner passion。
A pot of tea for an hour or two,Qin Xiaomin glanced at his watch and said:“Thank you for drinking tea with me,I have a chance to call back,But you have to give me face“
“See what you said,I forgot to ask。What’s the situation in Donglin Township?Did this heavy rain affect you??”Xia Jian saw that Qin Xiaomin was leaving,Hurriedly asked such a sentence。
Qin Xiaomin shook his head and said:“No drop,But I heard from Chief Li,The walnut tree is growing well,Everyone is looking forward to the harvest day”When Qin Xiaomin said this,,People have stood up。