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Dou Yi doubled a step back,Focus on Yu Yu。

“Ugh,You don’t know,Ugh,This is really”
Yu Yu shook his head sigh,My little brother of this mother,It’s really too waste wood.。This is to kill the Yuxian.,Will also make him a big brother look high?。
What do you see if this is what?!
If Yu Xian is the murderer,This can only prove,Upper,Far more than Yu straight。This action,It is the back-to-peasant man!
If the Usian is not a murderer,That is more sad.,Darkle,Instead, I don’t know where the people who have come out.,Who can tell??
It’s just that people have no words.。
This is like this.,One person is only bad,But there is no bad thing,I don’t want to be old and actually a good person.,The result is inexplicable.。
Think here,Yu Hao is straight to Yu.。Dou Yi is right,People die。
“knew。some things,I am not very convenient to come out.,Yu straight funeral,According to the pro,Hosted by you,So be it。”
Yu Yu is tired and said。
“Bamboo,Minister will arrange。”
Dou Yi long worship,Turn and walk away,Don’t say that Yu Yu is very tired and tired.,He is a minister,Also tired!Originally prepared this year’s deep autumn invading Qi State is already very busy,The fight is not to pull the army out to play.?
As a result of such a one,Yu Dizhen is a malicious disaster that is not enough to defeat.。
Just as Dou Yi went to the door of the royal study,Yu Yu suddenly asked:“Qi Wang?What is the matter of Qi Wang??”
Dou Yi shaped,Turn and return to Yu Yu:“Minachen did not find Qi Wang and Wei Wang were detailed。should say,There is no more clues.。”
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Dou Yi truth truth。
“okay,Be tired,Go ahead。”
Hassing and giving Dou Yi,Yu 邕 weakly squatting on the table,Eyes look at the candlesticks on the table。
“Can’t find clues,Because it is too clean,Still it is being embarrassed?”
What kind of person is UEMEN?,Yushu is very clear。only,Even if it is a saint,Also temper!
This is like a Confucian, which is illusory.,Hundreds of times constant,That is a white knife,Red knife out,I will not tell you anything.“Morality”Woolen cloth。
If your mother brother, you have a wife every day.,I want to hurt you every day.,I want to die every day.,You will be indentant to do what happened.?
You will not start with your strength first.?Or find a chance,manufacture“Not present”?
have to say,This possibility is very large!扪心 心,Yu 邕 I feel that I will be like Su Xian.“Buddha”。
“Should I believe you??”
Yu Yu muttered a sentence,In his heart,Yexian is a trump card that presses the original eight-column forces。If there is an abnormality,So how to maintain this situation?How can I maintain it??
“this time,Don’t let Utitutional handsome。”
Yu Yu secretly decided in his heart。If a person has a different heart,So he will show it later.。Yu Yu feels,May first let the Yu Xian,After this battle attacks Luoyang,It is not late to arrange again.。
NS1115chapter Butterfly wings(Down)
Because Yu is stabbed in his own book,So recently Changan and the periphery,It is great to strengthen the defense of the house.。Timid guy,Even people who have to go to the toilet will be relieved.。
However, the situation of Qi Wangfu,Some special。Others strengthen defense,It’s all what I want to think.,Usian does not have to。
Yu Zi sent a guardian guard in the palace to the Yixian government,Block all the stairs。Named“Assassin”Piping,Defend Wangfu security。
In fact, it is a variable monitoring and hoping.。
Everyone who enters and out,No matter who is,In addition to the Suxian and Turkic Princess,Others must search。