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What He Jing said makes sense,She seems confident about this。

Wang Youcai listened to the cry of the monkey in the small clinic Nelu,He is really annoying。Now I heard He Jing said that money can solve the problem temporarily。He thought about it,Wu Wu beat this guy,Limped his leg,He sighed,Now running to make trouble,I was beaten up by him again,I’m afraid he won’t let it go without paying some money。
Wang Youcai thought about it,So I took out my wallet,Take out all the money in it and count it:“Just one thousand,Let him buy some medicine。You tell him,He will dare to come,I will kill him”
Wang Youcai left this ruthless remark,So he put a thousand dollars into He Jing’s hands。He Jing smiled and said:“I’ll try”
“Not try,This must be done”
Wang Youcai knows clearly,He Jing is a great character,Let her do this,She must be certain,Otherwise she wouldn’t say that。
Wang Youcai stood on the side of the road and waited for a while,I saw He Jing pulling Lu Monkey out of the small clinic。This guy is limping,Still cursing,A posture of reluctance。
See how this person is now,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but shook his head。To know,When Lu Monkey used to mix with Gao Wei,Definitely not like this。Is he struck by lightning or is he sick??
He Jing took Lu Monkey to the corner of the road,I don’t know what I told him。About a few minutes later,He Jing just came over。
“It’s okay, boss Wang!You go and do your job!I finally sent this guy away”
He Jingchong Wang Youcai smiled sweetly。Don’t look at He Jing in her 40s,But this woman is well maintained,So I use the charm to describe her,It’s not too much。
Wang Youcai nodded at He Jing and said:“it is good!with your’s,You go busy!Doctor Lu is not here,The small clinic is all up to you,I’ll treat you to dinner when I’m free”
He Jing smiled,Walked into the small clinic。So much trouble,The sun is going down。Only then did Wang Youcai remember that Du Xiaohong was sitting in the car。
Down this day,There are so many shit things。Wang Youcai cursed secretly,Then I opened the door and sat in。Lying in the back row, Du Xiaohong sat up fiercely。She snorted:“I thought you didn’t care about others”
“Hey!what do you mean,What do you want?Isn’t your hometown from Pingdu??You can go play by yourself!You stick to me like this,I’m afraid it’s not good for you!”
Wang Youcai turned around,Said with an unhappy face。
Du Xiaohong took a breath and said:“I have nothing to fear,In a word,I start now,Just messed with you”
“Are you crazy!Even if I arrange a job for you,You have to give me some time!and also,Isn’t your grain and oil store opened well??You have to think about it”