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“Master,It seems you did it first!”O’Brien was very wise not to say this。

Elder Bulu’s face darkened:“Cecilia,You are a member of our Reading family,How can you attack the family elder。”
“I’m not a member of the Reading family。”Cecilia sneered:“If you want to do it,Just come。”
Stop talking,Cecilia turned into a stream of water,Fly directly to the south。
The three powerful gods including Elder Bulu looked at each other,Although there is something unbelievable in my eyes,This less famous‘Cecilia’Why is there such a tyrannical strength。
“Vic。。。The knife just now,Did you not notice the attack,Still true。。”Elder Bu looked at that one,I don’t feel threatened。
“The elements of the sneak attack are,But the stab facing me was enough to hurt me。”Elder Vic smiled bitterly:“I’m afraid I’m not her opponent!”
Elder Vic is a seven-star spirit who merges four profound mysteries in the water system,Not outstanding—But the water system is good at defense but not good at attack—And this Cecilia forced him so,If it weren’t for the five mysteries,,Is the strength of the body,Just like this elder Bulu。
But now that they are here, they can’t stand back。
Elder Brue、Elder Vic and an elder of the Xuanwu clan,The same is transformed into three streamers,Two green and one yellow chased in the direction of Cecilia’s flight。
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Chapter Eighteen Visiting
On the South China Sea of Magnolia。