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These four people took Xia Jian into a spacious room,Xia Jian only found out when he walked in,Which man in his sixties who was in the car is already sitting on the sofa in the room。

“This is our Chief Long,He wants to talk to you,You better be honest”Which man who just spoke to Xia Jian finished talking to Xia Jian,Closed the door and left。
Xia Jian always thinks this person is a bit familiar,But where did you see it,He can’t remember。Already here,Ze Anzhi。Things are over,Can only figure it out。
“You are Mr. Long?But i don’t know you,I don’t know why you brought me here?”Xia Jian looked complacent,Asked without timidity。
The old man glanced at Xia Jian,The eyes showed a terrible fierce light。He said coldly:“I’m Long Haisheng, Chairman of Lilong Group,what’s your name?”
“Lilong Group?”Xia Jian’s brain is spinning fast,what happened to him?I feel the name is a bit familiar,But I just can’t remember。Where has he definitely heard of,but…
Xia Jian reluctantly shook his head and said:“My name is Xia Jian,But I really don’t know what you said about Lilong Group,There should be no business dealings between us”
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“Why are you lying?Dare to be a man,It’s just that you ride on my Long Haisheng’s neck and shit,That’s the wrong person,You have to pay a heavy price”Long Haisheng’s gloomy face,Said in a cold voice like ice。
Xia Jian is a little angry,He sneered:“I really don’t know,What lie did i tell?And how did you bully you,What you said is so bad”Xia Jian is really confused,He listened for a long time but didn’t notice the reason、
Long Hai is on fire,He yelled:“You really are not something,Doesn’t seem to give you any color,You can’t tell the truth”
Long Haisheng roared like this,The four men who brought Xia Jian back violently pushed open the door and walked in。The four guys line up as soon as they enter the door,Also opened the distance between each other,It looks like you are ready to hit someone、
Xia Jian is mentally prepared this time,So he also took a step back,Clenched fists,T-step。As long as the four of them jump up,He will shoot immediately。
Long Haisheng saw that Xia Jian was not timid to face his four bodyguards,He couldn’t help but frowned and asked:“Don’t you want to walk out from here?”
“Humph!Go out,Just crawl out,All i want to know is,Why are you doing this to me。There should be no grievances between us,If you don’t say it,I can only fight to death”Xia Jian said loudly。
As the saying goes“Don’t do bad things,Beat the door in the middle of the night”Because Xia Jian didn’t know who this Long Haisheng was,So he is really not afraid at all。
Long Haisheng stretched his face,From the nostrils:“beat him!Beat him to admit himself”
Long Haisheng’s words fell off,Which of his four bodyguards swarmed up。This time Xia Jian was already mentally prepared,So he is not afraid,Posed quickly,Came a preemptive move。
Long Haisheng probably never expected Xia Jian to be so good。His four bodyguards are the signs of the security company,Not available to ordinary people。I didn’t expect these four to go together,And only tied with Xia Jian。