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“Teacher Ke Bei,Be careful!”suddenly,Zhu Minglang shouted。

Ke Bei is about to complete the summon,But he felt a chill at this moment,It’s like someone wielded a cold knife behind his neck!
He turned around,But saw a sharp claw!!
This paw has no phalanx,It’s a whole piece like a sickle,Just like that。
not far away,Zhu Minglang foresaw this scene,But he has no other dragon pet,If the predator spirit is here at this time,I can also buy some time for Ke Bei Mentor……
The sickle finally cut Ke Bei’s chest open,Blood spray。
Kebei rolls to the ground,The sickle claw raptor didn’t plan to let him go。
The Sickleclaw Raptor caught up with Kebei in a few steps,Another claw pierced Ke Bei’s abdomen fiercely,Then the Sickleclaw Raptors even showed off their hunting trophies,Raised Ke Bei high up!
The nature of the sickle claw raptor is Luo Xiao’s nature。
I don’t know when this brutal, bloodthirsty creature was called,Seems to be floating around,Waiting for this opportunity!
“escape……escape……”Ke Bei was hung on that paw and didn’t die immediately,His blood-filled eyes widened,Watching Zhu Minglang’s direction,Yell the word very hard。
“Have to die for me!”Luo Xiao gave the order again,This time the goal is to Zhu Minglang。
Luo Xiao is a bloodthirsty madman,But his thoughts are very clear。
He knew very well that the strongest among the three was Ke Bei,His primary target is Ke Bei,From the beginning,The timing and sequence of killings chosen at this time……
And Bingchen and Bailong threatened Luo Xiao’s life,Luo Xiao didn’t even show this sickle claw raptor,Just to give Ke Bei a fatal blow at a critical time!
Bai Qi has noticed the Sickleclaw Raptors,Its wings are waving in the direction of Zhu Minglang,A cross wind blew。
The velvet under the feather flies away with the cross wind,Turned into an ice velvet weapon,Densely nailed toward the sickle-claw raptor。
The Sickleclaw Raptors are far inferior to the Gilt Fire Dragon,And obviously a creature that is good at sneak attacks,Bai Qi obviously has reached the growth stage,The strength is not inferior to some lower-level dragons,Its ice spikes cross the wind,Like a torrential rain,Massively sealed all offensive routes of the Sickleclaw Raptors。