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But the other party,Can kill those monsters!

“Please help me deal with those monsters?”Li Ming has no objection,But there are some doubts,“Logically,Leave this kind of thing toWThe police force should be fine,Although these mutant animals are quite powerful,But there is not much resistance to firearms, right。”
“Most monsters are like this,But there are also some highly variable,Powerful monster。It’s hard to deal with just with ordinary firearms,For example, the giant python monster you killed。”Head Leng was a little bit sigh:“Mr. Li Ming,If it is normal,We can sendWPolice evenJTeam to solve,I won’t let you ordinary citizens help—but now,Against the most powerful monsters,We really can’t do anything。”
“I killed the python, you all know?”Li Mingyi was taken aback,Then shook his head,Obviously Xiaohan revealed this information,But he didn’t intend to keep it secret。
“Like the strange python you killed,The domestic evaluation is the fifth level monster!Level 4 monsters can be killed by ordinary firearms.,Must rely on real heavy thermal weapons。”Head Leng smiled bitterly。“Heavy weapon,Can’t be used at will in the urban area!”
“understood!”Li Ming also recovered,Some real large weapons may kill the python,That’s because those weapons have a huge kill radius,Use in the urban area may destroy the entire city。
“What does this level 5 monster mean?”Li Ming asked,“Does it represent the monster’s strength level??”。
“This is the current classification of these mutant animals,From high to low, it is divided into nine level monsters to level one monsters。”
“Level 1 to Level 3,It’s relatively easy to deal with。By the fourth level monsters are already very strong,At present, the strongest monster found on land in China is the fifth level.。A level 6 monster was found in the U.S.,Fortunately, the area is an uninhabited area,Killed by a missile。”Head Leng said with emotion:“You can kill a level 5 monster,Are considered the top masters in China。”
“What about monsters of level 7-8??”
“This even monster,It is only a possibility proposed by some biologists。”Mention this level of monster,Head Leng’s face is very ugly:“Hope not,If it does appear,Existing weapons want to kill them—The price will be great!”
“But apart from these monsters,We humans are also evolving!”Head Leng’s conversation turned:“just like you,Mr. Li, can you kill that giant python,I’m afraid the body speed has far exceededRRThose martial masters before the virus broke out, right?!”
“I understand!”Li Ming sighed。