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“How did it look like this?”The gatekeeper asked。

“Go out to practice,Gangster,Desperately saved this letter paper。”Zhu Minglang freely explained。
“Yep,Go to the front to get the student badge,Wait a while。”The gatekeeper nodded,Signaled to the person behind to lead Zhu Minglang in。
Zhu Minglang put away the letterhead,I deliberately looked back at the rye-skinned girl in Qiaotou selling http://www.rengangkeji.cnpeaches from a distance,Ready to grin at her like a dog。
However, the peach girl seems to be discussing the price with a fat woman,Arguing。
she was,I completely forgot the betting agreement just now!
Cold wind in the lake,Make someone’s figure a little bit depressed。
Zhu Minglang could only sigh in the end,Walk towards the gate。
hiss,More uncomfortable than losing!
Passed the door,The bridge is gone,It turns out that the Baiyan Bridge is just a broken bridge,Behind the door is a moon-shaped abutment,Slowly extended to the clear lake water。
And in the lake,A long-necked dragon with a broad back is waiting on the abutment,It can be as big as a single room,The neck is long enough to reach the bridge door from underwater。 Long-necked dragon skin is firm and smooth,Big size,But it gives people a docile and demure feeling,There is no pressure to get along,Compared with Luo Xiao’s gilt fire dragon, it does not look like a species。
“Make up a car,Ready to go。”The gatekeeper soon brought four more people over。
There are already five people on the back of the long-necked dragon,Plus Zhu Minglang and the four later,There are ten in total。
Ten people and one dragon car crossing the lake。