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Four things children notice when they just go to kindergarten


Four things children notice when they just go to kindergarten

Core tip: Your child is starting a new kindergarten life.

Suddenly leave home and enter a strange environment, will children feel uncomfortable in some ways?

What can parents do to help children effectively?

  I had to cry in the park for a week or two. When Beibei first went to kindergarten, every morning, as soon as she arrived at the gate of the kindergarten, she started crying reflexively.

Mom saw tears on Bebe’s face full of tears.

  In fact, crying is a very normal behavior for children who have just attended kindergarten, and parents need not worry too much.

The most concentrated time for the child’s crying is when he enters the garden in the morning.

Many children would cry out loud like Babe.

At this time, the only thing parents need to do is to drop the child, say goodbye to him, and then leave quickly.

If the parents cry or stay away, they can only prolong the crying time of the child.

Parents should trust early childhood teachers. They will take a variety of methods to quickly divert their children’s attention so that they stop crying quickly.

  Under normal circumstances, it is normal for a child to cry within two weeks of entering the park.

With the new environment and the new teacher’s gradual familiarity, the child will gradually like to go to kindergarten. After one month, the crying situation will improve significantly.

  Taking a ragdoll to sleep with a child who just went to kindergarten, one of the most difficult things is taking a nap.

For parents who get their children to nap at 12 noon, this may be easier.

If you do not develop this habit, you can take some measures, for example, for crying children, the teacher can hug one to one to coax to sleep; some children have special attachments at home, such as rag dolls, small pillows and the likeYou can take him to the kindergarten and let him sleep together.

  When some parents pick up their children, when they hear the teacher say that they do n’t have a nap today, they want to make up for it immediately when they go home.

This is not the case.

If you sleep at five or six o’clock in the afternoon, you will definitely go to bed very late at night, which is not conducive to developing a regular routine.

If they don’t sleep at noon, parents can let their child go to bed an hour early at night.

At the same time, parents should be reminded that at home on the weekend, children must still be guaranteed to take a nap at 12 noon, otherwise when they go to kindergarten next week, nap will become a problem again.

  I ca n’t give snacks when I go home. The child has just been in kindergarten, and it is inevitable that he will be tense at first.

At this time, parents should not care too much about how much the child eats.

Even when picking up your child every day, ask what you ate today.

If he doesn’t eat much, let him have dinner with his family after returning home.

  Note that at this time try to let your child drink more fish soup, bone soup, or some porridge.

Do n’t give them two things: first, snacks, once you get into the habit of not eating well in kindergarten, and go home to wait for snacks, it is difficult to correct; second, big fish and meat, eating too greasy at night, easyindigestion.

In addition, it is important that the child has breakfast.

Normally, they go to kindergarten for breakfast, but the children who have just entered the park have a large emotional change in the morning, which may affect their breakfast.

Therefore, in the first two weeks, parents can make simple breakfast at home and let their children eat a little before going to kindergarten.

  Companionship is the best reward for children to go to kindergarten is the process of growth, for parents, at the same time continue to grow.

After the child is in kindergarten, parents should take more time to accompany him.

Especially after picking him up every day, you should take him out to play outdoors, laugh together, and relax your mind completely.

  Before going to bed at night, it is best to lie in bed with your child and tell him an interesting storybook.

Some parents distress their children and give them delicious food or toys when they go home.

In this way, experts believe that material rewards can easily lead children to develop bad habits. Parents should not be distressed because they are in kindergarten.

There is no better reward than spending time with your parents.