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Yan Yalun starred in the short film Haircut directed by Chen Kaige, saying the dialect in Beijing is the most difficult

Yan Yalun starred in the short film “Haircut” directed by Chen Kaige, saying the dialect in Beijing is the most difficult
The first domestic director casting casting reality show “Actor Please Place” is nearing the end.On December 7th, four actors and actresses who advanced to the finals and Chen Kaige, Li Shaohong, Zhao Wei, and Guo Jingming respectively collaborated on four film and television short films at Beijing Antiques.Yan Yalun played an apprentice in the Hutong Barber Shop in “Barber” directed by Chen Kaige. He said that the most difficult thing is the Beijing dialect line in the film, especially the tone of “errant” in “erroneous us”.Difficult to master.The four short films produced by Chen Kaige, Li Shaohong, Zhao Wei and Guo Jingming are: “Haircut”, “True”, “Brother” and “AI”.Among them, Ming Dao and Yan Yalun played a pair of barber apprentices in Beijing Hutong in “Haircut”.Ming Daoyan ‘s master Shen Shen was in the past. After drinking alcohol, his hands were shaking and he could no longer take the scissors. He decided to close the shop.Yan Yalun’s apprentices have the ability to learn from the master, but they haven’t really gotten started.The apprentice tried to persuade the master to open the shop, but the master was unimpressed.At this moment, the barber shop that was about to greet Zhang welcomed the special guest played by Niu Junfeng . Yan Yalun revealed that for him, the haircut scene was not difficult to play, and the most difficult thing was the Beijingese lines in the film.”We usually have more contact with stylists, and we have some experience with how much we dye.For me, the role is more difficult is the line, not only Mandarin, but also a lot of Beijing dialect.”Yan Yalun likes Beijing dialect and finds it very interesting. He also admits that he has some language talents and loves to learn different languages. However, the phrase” embroke us “in the film still upset him.The word “erroneous” doesn’t really mean tongue rolling, but the sound is relatively long, and there is a turning tone. Finally, director Chen Kaige took him over and over again.Absolutely, the variety show with the actor performing competition as the selling point has won many actors.Famous stars such as Yan Yalun and Ming Dao participated in such a show, and some netizens thought that they wanted to inherit the show’s popularity again.Yan Yalun said in an interview that it would be false to say that he would not care about it (red or not); it would be influenced by it and true.”I have seen big winds and waves until now, and there are so many things in life that deserve our attention.Red is not red, can only do their best, there is no way to control.”Ming Dao also confessed that red or not will directly affect the script received by the actor.”I said when I was in the business, I just wanted to act well. It doesn’t matter if you are famous or not.But we all know now that if you do n’t become famous, you wo n’t have a good show for you.”Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Li Ming