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Wen Xu smiled bitterly,Then he said to Xiao Fan:“it is good,boss,I will go right away。”

Wen Xu is out of the office again,Called the contractor Sun Yong,Asked him about the construction workers。
after awhile,Wen Xu came in again from outside,Just tell Xiao Fan:“boss,I asked clearly,Two of those construction workers have been discharged。”
“There is a heavier injured,Staying in the hospital。”
Xiao Fan said:“Discharged?Discharged in a week?So fast。”
Wen Xu said:“I don’t know that the boss just asked the contractor,He said there were two people,The hospital has sent me home for rehabilitation,No need to stay in the hospital anymore。”
“There is another person who was slightly injured,I need to hang my arms in the hospital。But I can go home as soon as possible。”
Xiao Fan said:“alright,I know。Next time,Do you need to be a little mindful?Don’t always be like squeezing toothpaste。”
Chapter VIII dismiss
Xiao Fan continued to talk to Wen Xu:“Don’t want me to do anything,Do what you do?You have to be a little initiative。”
“After being with me for so long, can’t you think about what I want you to do??I thought to myself, can you think about it a little bit unclearly。”
Wen Xu is too difficult,What’s thinking in Xiao Fan’s head,Who knows?
Him this one,No perspective,Two bars,No tailwind,Three bars,He can’t read minds either,So say it,Just the things Xiao Fan said to him just now,Don’t make it too hard for him。
He suddenly had an idea and asked Wen Xu to do errands. How could he know what he thought?,Isn’t it embarrassing him to be able to come out suddenly??
But ah,Who made Xiao Fan the president??Who made him the president’s special assistant??I have to bear it myself。
Then he said to Xiao Fan:“Is the boss,I know。”
Wen Xu continued:“I must pay attention next time,I try to be the roundworm in your stomach,To know what you are thinking。”