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“Uh……”Director Xu’s face was suddenly embarrassed:“It’s not bad to sell used cars……”

Chen Geng smiled and shook his head:“In these two days, I am going to learn about the domestic policies on investment promotion、policy,Also look at the market,”Seeing Director Xu a little worried,Chen Geng sighed,Helpless way:“Director Xu,See you,Do you know how i feel?”
“How does it feel?”
“The way you are now,It gives me the feeling that you can’t wait to take out the money in my pocket……”
Chen Geng’s words are a bit heavy,Director Xu’s face changed,Hurriedly:“Mr. Chen, you misunderstood。”
“It doesn’t matter if I misunderstood,The important thing is if you use this attitude towards other investors who intend to come to China to investigate the market,What would they think?”Chen Geng sighed again:“I understand your mood,I also understand your eagerness to catch up after seeing the gap between China and the world,But you really can’t do this,I don’t care,But I still hope you can pay more attention to the way of working。”
Director Xu’s face is a little pale。
Chen Geng’s words are too scary,Makes him start to reflect:Is my performance really so unbearable?
Think about it,He sadly discovered that Chen Geng was right,I behaved like a fool who was trying his best to fool others out of his wallet,But are others idiots?
Obviously not。
So it seems that I really need to review the working methods of myself and the entire department。
“Mr. Chen,thank you。”Took a deep breath,Director Xu said to Chen Geng:“Thank you for your advice,Thank you for letting us avoid many detours。”
First121chapter Ding Ruoyan’s friend