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“This kind of soft struggle is struggling,You can’t see hell,Still teasing hell?”

Putting the large yin and yang two gas map,Blocking the thunder of the sky,Protect people in the whole garden。
Lightning can’t interrupt the door of hell,This is very confident.,More confident,Continuous ring,In addition to him,Will not stay any live port。
How to see,It’s like the earth and irritated.,Want to put all the insists。
Made in the middle finger again,Single hand supports yin and yang two gas maps to the door of the hell,I saw him five finger overflowing the energy chain of the dazzling curse text,Layer layer stacking the door of hell for the continuous overflow sludge。
Sealing is just a moment,Do not interrupt the extraction of spiritual energy,The door of hell will be stabilized。
Divide a deep breath,Halfing,Five fingers under pressure,Pumping the energy exposed by the spiritual pulse into its own body。
As long as I have enough quick enough,Hell didn’t have to smoke。
“All see,Not that I don’t do people,But the situation is forced。If you can be good today,Must deficient,Don’t worry about it, don’t take the thunder.!”
Chapter 478 People who should be robbed must hang
Spirit energy into body,Divided, immediately,Crouch in the Spirit of Underache,Whether it is quality or scale,It is much stronger than he imagined.。
That is, this thing is serious,Slightly modification will affect a country,Monk looks at the eyes,I only dare to take advantage of it.,Don’t dare to use it,Otherwise, I have already planted it out.。
“Though,This is not the reason why hell can take the earth.,Can your resistance can’t be intense??”
Divide the earth again,Change to him is a globe,At this time, I definitely took away the spirit.,Never let the hell tastes a little sweet。
Suddenly,He thought of another possibility。
perhaps,Earth’s invasion of hell,Just like her soft struggle,Surface doing,The heart is still happy。
Regardless of whether human cancers are,The end of the final method is the staples of the board.,Over time,The power that the Earth can carry is weaker。
Earth wants to make changes,Delay or even reverse this situation,Can only take another way。
Absorb hell,Is a good choice,Hell organisms come with super natural power,After a prosperous,The pyramid of a large population base is more advantageous than humans.。The earth will also bind,Delay your weakening,No possibility is not possible to upgrade to higher levels。
Thinking too crazy,Due to decisive this wave,I believe that the mother is kind,Even if the reverse child thinks to boil the water all day,Mother love is still always a。
Man of few words,Divide the energy of the spiritual pulse,The shallow witch came to him.,Look at this scene,Flashing anxious and heartache in your eyes,Want to say,After all, I didn’t say anything.。
How’s it going,The midwitch is very clear,She has no reason to stop,Can only pray for God bless。
Prayable to pray,I found that God is in front of himself.,The one of the pumping pulse is。
Half of it,I have made a full of functions,Unable to withstand more spiritual strength,Turntable:“Not,The door of the hell will suck,I can’t hold it.。”
Shallow direct dumbfounded,The worst result is still there.。
“The opening of the door of the hell cannot stop,I am not a combat staff,Self-insurance is already the limit,Don’t want to die,I still have a chance now,Hurry and escape.!”Be divided into。
“gentlemen,After the door of the hell is opened,Is it possible to close??”Shallow look anxiety,I just want to know the frighteous response from the mouth.。
Shake your head:“Unfortunately,This is the collision between two worlds,Not ordinary switch gate,Before the next fullness,The door of the hell cannot be closed。”
“how so……”Flemes in the shallow,I lost highlight in my eyes.。
“move,Before the body arrives,I will try to delay for a while。”Say that,Emergency expansion of yin and yang two air maps,Covered the entire lightning area,Guaranteed that the escape will not be thundered。
Lushan Huangquan fly quickly,Transfer the situation to your father,The members of the Family League Family Alliance are also very simply,Fall incessant……
Cough,Neon,This failure that is not forced to march without tactical guidance is not called failure.,Professional nouns are tactics。
certainly,There are also some people who are not afraid of death.。
Such as the Tong Palace,As soon as it is, the exemption of the privileges will be entrusted to Yoshan Nai,Choose the forefront,This time is the same。