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He saw a man helping Xu Lihong to speak,He let go of Xu Lihong’s hand,Then he touched his bald head and said:“I called my own woman back,What does it matter to you?”

“You nonsense,We are divorced,So we are no longer husband and wife”
Xu Lihong yelled and hid behind Wang Youcai,I can see that Xu Lihong is still very scared of this fat man。
Wang Youcai saw so many people,So he shouted out boldly for himself:“What do you want to do?Don’t know the law?Do you have to force me to call the police”
“What is your dog doing with the rat??I can tell you,This is the original matter between our husband and wife,If you dare to interfere,Be careful i’m not polite to you”
The fat man gritted his teeth and said,Waved his hand behind him。Several people immediately pushed Wang Youcai step by step。
Wang Youcai never thought he would be so embarrassed,He knows this situation,It’s impossible for him to make a call,So he took his hand out of his pocket,Shouted at Julan who was at a loss:“You help me hold my phone,I fought with these bastards”
Wang Youcai shouted and threw it away,The instinct of chrysanthemum orchid,I didn’t expect to receive it。
At this moment,Wang Youcai has found himself retreated to the corner of the west room,He pushed Xu Lihong away behind him,Touch the wall easily。Based on his own feelings,The windowsill seems to be made of bricks,And he also knows how many bricks can be moved。
His touch,I really touched a swaying brick。He took advantage of it,I didn’t expect to actually pull out this brick。Have something in hand,Wang Youcai’s bravery。
“I’m going to your uncle,I won’t knock you down tonight,I am not surnamed Wang”
Wang Youcai shouted,He waved the brick in his hand,And pounced on this group of people。Wang Youcai is really anxious,He’s not playing around。
Just listen to a scream,A guy took a step back,I was hit on the shoulder by a brick in Wang Youcai’s hand。This bang,Who was beaten and almost fell to the ground,He took his shoulders and quickly stepped back several steps。
This person quit,Others are in chaos。Wang Youcai carried a brick and rushed up to hit someone。At this moment,Xu Lihong brought a kitchen knife from the house and rushed out。This woman closed her eyes,Waving the chopper in his hand like crazy。
People are afraid of death,Humpty Dumpty sees things badly,He stepped back,While shouting at Wang Youcai:“Don’t fucking be arrogant,Laozi’s possessions haven’t been revealed to you yet,It’s too late to call you。Bros,Fuck guy in the car”
“Fatty Zhao!You fucking divorced my mother,Since you won’t make me feel better,Then I will fulfill you tonight”
Xu Lihong irritated,Pounced on with a kitchen knife。She hasn’t arrived yet,The kitchen knife slashed over。Which fat guy was scared and kept leaving the courtyard。Wang Youcai, who has recovered, sees it,Immediately shut the big iron door from inside。With Xu Lihong’s help,Wang Youcai locked the big iron gate from inside。
“Wang Ge!To trouble you again”