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With footsteps,Wang Youcai came in step by step。As soon as he received a call from Wang Youdao,Ready to run to Xiping Village,But when he just walked out of the ordinary city,Hu Huiru called back again。

“dad!mom,2nd Brother came back pretty fast“Wang Youcai said hello,I twisted my butt and sat on the edge of the kang。
Chen Yueqin gave the third son a look,Asked with a smile:“Why do you think of going home today,Have you eaten at night?I’ll cook it for you if you haven’t eaten it?“
When Wang Degui saw Wang Youcai,The unhappiness on the face disappeared suddenly,This makes Wang Youdao very unhappy。He said coldly:“Wang Youcai!Do you want to go in again?If you really want,Just say hello to me,Don’t bother me anymore, okay?“
Happy atmosphere,Suddenly he was destroyed by Wang Youdao’s sound。Chen Yueqin glared at Wang Youdao and said:“Can you speak well,He is your brother“
“mom!You leave it alone。Second brother!I did something wrong today,I’ll admit a mistake“Wang Youcai lowered his voice,Said very sincerely。
Wang Youdao beat the table,Roar loudly:“Do you think it was just admitting a wrong question??“
“Hey hey!This is home,Don’t mess with yours。Have something to say,Don’t let the people of Xiping village hear the joke“Wang Degui is not happy anymore,He said coldly。
Wang Youdao was so angry that he shook his head,He took a breath and said:“I ask you,What kind of relationship do you have with Hu Huiru?Did you accept any benefits from her?,You have to make it clear to me?”
“Damn!What benefit can i take from her,Not on your side,I have been in contact with her,Sometimes it’s just a drink or something together,Nothing!”Wang Youcai is sloppy,Said with a smile。
Wang Youdao saw Wang Youcai like this,The anger could not help but surge up,He lowered his voice and cursed:“You’re such a bastard,Things have developed to today,You still want to hide it。If not for me to speak today,You might be in it again now”
“Damn!It’s not so serious!Chief Li is just a false alarm,Without any harm,dont you agree。Even if you caught me,So what?”Wang Youcai is too clear about this。Wang Youdao was mad at this younger brother,If not in front of my parents,He has to beat him up“
Wang Youdao took a long breath,He was so embarrassed in his heart。
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Family affairs,Sometimes it’s a big deal。
The atmosphere in the house,*Full of flavor。Chen Yueqin can’t hold it first,She raised her fist,I gave Wang Youcai a bit,Of course,Is lifted high,Put lightly。She’s scaring her son:“Bastard,What’s wrong?I’m not telling your second brother,Did you wait until things got serious?“
“ This thing is big enough,The chief of public security went to the city government in person,Had it not been for Mayor Ouyang to temporarily suppress this matter,He’s already in it now”Wang Youdao said angrily。