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“Chow……Respect!”Others don’t die、Some people just want to ask for love。

“You have no shapes in our next day.,However, it is not like the side of the wood.,This respect of the primary palm,Don’t blame you……”
See the Chu Deirers,Many people are relieved,It is said that the new lord has at least no longer wants to,But some people think,Chu is old, this is weak.,Maybe there is a chance to……
“but!Xiaobu,You can help me,Ten years,Thoroughly remove the quota of life and death,I can’t get them two blame!”Chu Deirers open the mouth。
In addition to the elder,Sitial heard this,First glance first,Half-talence reacted——Chu Tai……Do not,The new lord said“Completely remove”?
“Respect、Respect!Your old、Old saying‘Completely remove’Yes、What is it??Within ten years、Inside,Wheel……Wheel、Wheel wheel?”
At this time, a little is honest.,Middle-aged man who talks is also eatecing,I hurriedly came out to the Chu Deirers.。
Wu old Dalun is busy in the small voice:“Respect,This is our thirty-six cave、The first master of the seventy-two cave,Tongfeng Dong。”
If it is really the first,It’s not necessarily,But see this population.,And other demon ghosts have never ridiculed,I know that he is not provoked.。
And the black boss,Not like it is selfless——After all, it is not only“Me”,But“Belongs to the first”,If there is no trick,Others also heard this.。
“kindness,An Dong’s Lord asked!This respect is a nursery education‘Life and death’Law,Deep a sense of this law is vicious,And now the rivers and lake winds up,Some uneasy people,Allorate,We are working together in the future,Repair、Entering……”
Chu Deirers seem to be nonsense as old leaders,Hear people’s urgency,But the face is all revealed、Feeling、Large inspired look。
In addition to the extraordinary、There is also Cui Green, the three people——I always feel that Chu Deirers“Unfortunate”It is meaningful。
“So this respect is decided,Within ten years,It will completely relieve it‘Life and death’,It is now born.,About three hundred people,Take a good winner every year,At least ten people,Do not set the upper limit!”Chu Deiren announced the road。
“I will wish to respect the main sadness.……”
“I am defocated to the fire in the fire in the future.、Do not say!”
“Shengzun master Xianfu Yongxiang、Shou and Tianqi……”
A series of touted words“Hit”,Chu Deirers even reasonable,Thirty-six cave、Seventy-two island,Maybe there may be“part time”,“Xianfu Yongxiang、Shou and Tianqi”Don’t see others!
“but……”Chu Deirers took the initiative to interrupt it.,Ordered to make everyone can stop。
“The disgoes is also said to be in front!Didn’t have a life and death,This thirty-six cave、Seventy-two island’s rules,It is also necessary to,It seems that this is the same person,This respect is teach him,More terrible than life and death!What is the swords of the heaven??”Chu Deirers drunk。
I have a riot in the crowd.,But the three or two will calm down.,I saw a customary two people.,At this time, a fist has a big man.,At this time, people pushed the people in front of the Chu Deirers.。
“Respect!Is this Tiehuao’s Ha Da,Especially evil,Previously, the grandmothers of the heavens were rude.,Also want to provoke our murderer。”The robe said to the Chu Deirers.。
“Xuan Huangzi、Zhang Da Fu!I‘Beige’You are……You are in order to please the new landlord,Actually, I am still blaming my brothers.?I have, I, etc.……”Ha Dawei is naturally uncomfortable,Still call。
But listen to him speech,Many people are in the heart——If you have been taken out before,How should you go to you??
or……Also available for a few?
A few a few looks to Chu Deirers Fighting,Most people……It is quietly to look at it.,It seems to choose the target。
However, did not wait for Harba,Chu Deirers have already bloated in front of him.,Suddenly, the Chu Dee’s palm is between the face,Air is reflecting the air in an air,Suddenly his face、Body is stiff,When it is planted,Already used to go through。
at the same time,Two originally tied white women,At this time, I was laughing with a group.、Harneated waist。
Two swords on the face of cold frost,Only after seeing the Chu Deirers,Talent:“Meet the honor!”