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Hot famine,Xia Jian reached out and grabbed a branch and sat on the trunk,Sure enough, there was a slight cool breeze above。Just when Xia Jian was enjoying this rare coolness,He suddenly found that the weeds not far from him were moving。Xia Jianyixi,Stared carefully for a while,Hi!Really a bunch of wild boars。

This group of wild boars don’t know,A man sitting on the pole is staring at them。So he walked unscrupulously from the weeds and arched over。Their sharp teeth made a terrible noise on the weeds。
Xia Jian adjusted his posture,Clamped a few wooden javelins under the left armpit,Then he held a stick with his right hand and pointed it at the wild boars moving towards his feet。Ten meters,Nine meters…Xia Jian estimates the distance。
Whoosh,The wooden javelin in his hand flew out,Go straight to the shoulder of a wild boar。Just heard a scream,The wild boar suddenly ran forward,The javelin is not inserted,But fell to the ground。
Pig is pig,Found someone attacking ahead,They didn’t turn around and ran back,But hula all rushed over,Look desperately with you。
Xia Jian couldn’t help being overjoyed,The javelin in his hand was thrown at the wild boar group。After a scream,Xia Jian is disappointed,It feels like he didn’t insert a wild boar。I wonder if the skin of a wild boar is too thick,I still can’t do it,Or there is a problem。In short,He is not hitting one。
Jump off the tree pole,When Xia Jian was thinking about what to do?He couldn’t help but brighten up,Not far from this tree,A wild boar lying on the ground,The wooden javelin he just threw is stuck in his back。
This guy kicked a few times,Twitched twice,When Xia Jian walks over,It has died。Xia Jian smiled,Grab one of its hind legs,Drag and walk back。
Long Lu saw that Xia Jianzhen was dragging a wild boar back,She yelled to her grandpa happily:”Have meat to eat,We have wild boar“
“Hey!You guy is really a god,I hit back a wild boar empty-handed,Very rare!”Old man laughing,He untied a knife from his waist。
Xia Jian threw the wild boar in front of the old man and said:“It’s all on you,I have to rest”
“no problem,Leave it to me and Long Lu,You lie down and rest,Just wait to eat the wild boar for a while“The old man said,I started to move my hands。
Listen to Long Lu,Whisper:“I do not care,I want to hear how Xia Jian hit this wild boar“Long Lu said,Really came over。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Very simple,have nothing to say,Saw a boar,Just insert it with a wooden javelin“Xia Jian said,Lay on the stone slab。A drowsy feeling suddenly hit my heart,He also felt extremely tired。
Long Lu snorted coldly,So he ran to help her grandpa roast a wild boar。
Xia Jian who fell asleep,I don’t know how long I slept,Anyway, he was opened his eyes by the smell of special fragrance。He suddenly sat up,Seeing that the skin of the wild boar has been peeled off,Which javelin stuck in the wild boar’s mouth,Pierced directly from the bottom。