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“Let’s take a look,Sister Anna’s training situation?……”Straight change the subject。

“what,Haven’t played a game yet,Did you sleep like a pig all afternoon??”Zhang Song Tucao Dao。
“You are not allowed to say that to us Anna!She must be exhausted,The leg injury hit her hard,In my memory,Even if she fights with her male classmates, she has never suffered such severe injuries……”Guo Yinzhe explained。
“I think she hangs on the court,Not necessarily more reliable than Xiao Zhao……”Zhang Songdao。
“I know her best,She will never bow her head,Just have a breath,I will go to the competition even if I work hard……”Guo Yinzhe self-belief。
“coming!coming!I asked others to collect the opponent information!”Shunzi suddenly cried out with joy。
“not bad,Your kid has done a great job!”Feng Xichuan has longing eyes in his eyes,Compare things like eSports,The same routine as fighting,Know yourself and the enemy to win every battle。
“Dear Bestone user,Do you pay99Yuan purchase‘Information on the Oscar team of Jingnan Communication University’?”A popup popped up on the computer。
“Fucking,Actually need to buy information online?”Zhang Song Qidao。
Everyone looked at each other,Finally, they all turned their eyes to“Rich”Boss Guo……
“You are all watching what I do?”Guo Yinzhe asked the suit group together。
“What about the venue and equipment?As a result, some of us ran into Internet cafes……It’s time for you to show!”Feng Xichuan looks forward to。
“Where can the venue and equipment be fixed at once?Give me a day,This time tomorrow,Make sure……”Guo Yinzhedao。
“now what?Don’t read the information that can’t be obtained?!”Zhang Songdao。
“Ok,Ok,I must write down this account,I will find you in the future!”Guo Yinzhe finally took out his phone,Aim the lens at the QR code……
“Ding Dong!”
“Dear Bestone user,What you bought‘Information on the Oscar team of Jingnan Communication University’Will be pushed to your mobile phone via WeChat later,Happy cooperation!”
Shunzi quickly took out her phone,Five people waited in front of the screen。About fifteen minutes have passed,In Feng Xichuan、After Zhang Song ate a whole bucket of instant noodles,The phone’s screen just lights up,A string of information is presented to everyone: