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Grandpa Sui is not in the test of him.,Anyway, no success is not。Successful today will not find home。

And I have tried that I didn’t succeed that I was precious.,Receive this price!
Originally, Grandpa thought that his family followed Zhou Master’s revision. They accounted for it.,Come back and everyone,I found that I have a big cheap at home.。
It’s no wonder that Lin’s shopkeeper refused to agree directly.!It’s not waiting for the master.。
“Don’t look at it seems to use water.,I feel very simple.,In fact, how much is around the bend”
Unhappy,Su Mai and Su Ye doing the place where the Niu girl played in this incident.,
“You look at me to do it once.,This is easy to get started.。”
Say,Su Xiaoyamai is calmly sprinkled into the water soaked.,Then I want to bubble a tea, please entertain guests.。
Just called the Yang Qichen next to the tub.,He did not respond,Staring at the green beans,It seems that I have to go out。
I have to put tea in him silently.。
Originally Su Grandma still wants to stay with him all the time.,Later, I couldn’t live with myself.。
He keeps stalking in my heart,
The big chef is a chef,Patience is very surprising!I can see a meat with a bean.!
And the Anzi, who was abandoned by Yang Dazhi, was still enjoying the euphemism of Sujiafang staff.
“that,Old couple!You take things into the house.,By the way, do something at home can be remembered.!”
Grandpa Sui is called Zhou.,Low the sound says the last sentence。
no way,Su Yee is really saying that Andzi,Helpless, I have to accept the heart of the woodwind.。But the light is holding,I am not stable in my heart.!
I think I can go back.,The truth of the gift is still understanding。
pork,flour,Rice,dessert,There is also green beans
Zhou’s list of one by one in the house,It’s also a big emotion.。
Lin’s hand is really intimate,But how can this ritual have to be on??
I thought about it.,Wanli will go to find his own mother-http://www.hongsheng-hsh.cnin-law.。
The human condition is not good.!
124chapter Stay
Mother and daughter two in the house is half a day,I finally set my idea.。
Ready to put dry mushrooms in your home!Eggs!There is also the green vegetables in the place, I have some to give the Anzi back.。
Generous affection!
Annex,The hearts of Zhou have a lot.,Hurry and prepare。
I don’t know when they go back.,I have to prepare it early.。
Wen’s squats in the village to buy eggs
“Niu Niu,Go to the village with the mother?”
“I’m not going!mother,goodbye!”
Niu Niu is interested in listening to the dialogue of the Si and his grandfather,And I still want to ask some messages,Where is it!
“okay,Then you are good at home.,Don’t run!”
“I know!mother,You go back.!”
“correct,Grandfather,This also needs you to print,I have a good way to give us a shopkeeper.!”