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Changzhi: Chinese herbal medicines become climate

The villagers are cleaning the harvested hawthorn.

The villagers in the processing plant are roughing the hawthorn. The Postal Savings Bank employees help members harvest the mountains. (Scanning QR code to watch video) Changzhi City is located in Southeast, Jin Southeast, is the country’s famous Chinese herbal medicine "North Medicine", known as "Shen Nong, Chinese Medicine Township".

  In recent years, Changzhi City rely on the national character brand of the Party Chinese herbal medicines and the provincial trade platform of Changzhi East Medicine, adhere to the government’s high-level promotion, the market is driving, the financial support, and actively build a new engine for the transformation of the Chinese herbal medicine industry in Shanxi. . Explore the new road of rural industries and prosperity of farmers. At the moment, it is the season of Hawthorn harvested, in Xijing Town, Litrichi County, Changzhi City, is covered with crystal clear "red lanterns", and a harvesting scene.

  Yuanzhuang Village is the characteristic industrial village of Chinese herbal medicine in Xijing Town. The reporter saw that planting households Wang Xianfish led more than 20 members of the houses that were harvest more than 100 acres.

"This year’s hawthorn is very good, the market is not available, the land price is twice the last year, the overall income is good." She told reporters.

Wang Xianfish planted Chinese herbal medicines for more than 10 years. This year she contracted more than 1,500 mu of land, and established the Yucheng County Yongzhong Pharmaceutical Cooperative.

Under her influence, the son also chose to return home to plant, operates Chinese herbal materials, and applied for 300,000 yuan loans in the Postal Savings Bank. Now the business scope of cooperatives has expanded to Astragalus, Bupleurum, Atractylodes. In a good policy environment, the new operating body begins to continue to force under the driving of the market. Changzhi Village Collective Economic Organization and Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives have created 58 Chinese herbal medicines standardized production bases, building 5 municipal Chinese herbal medicines in Litrich, Puji, established a wild resource protected area such as Codonopsis, Hawthorn, Fallians, etc. , Formed a group of special Chinese herbal villages. Our reporter Wang Weiwen / map (Editor: Liu Yang, He Wen).