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Approaching the Winter Olympic world-class puzzle in the Olympic track "big country craftsman" style – Interview with Chairman of Beijing Urban Construction Group

Chen Daihua introduced that "Bird’s Nest" is China’s first major project using BIM technology (smart construction technology).

  Xinhua News Agency, November 18th, Suggestion: Crouch World-class Puzzle Shows "Daguar Arts" in the Olympic track – Interview with Chairman Chen Daihua Xinhua News Agency, Chairman of Beijing Urban Construction Group "After more than 1,000 days, the construction of the national alpine ski center" Xuefei Yan "has been more than 1,200 days … With the comprehensive end of Beijing Winter Olympics and supporting infrastructure, the Beijing Urban Construction Group, responsible for more than 30 related project construction work , Once again completed the glorious mission of the contracting Olympic engineering. "From the 2008 Beijing Olympics to the Winter Olympics in 2022, we have continuously overcome world-class problems in the construction of Shuang Olympics, providing the" China Program "for the Olympic venues’." Chen Daihua, secretary of the Beijing Urban Construction Group, said, " The Olympic Games is not just a sports project competition, and it is also a competition in all walks of life. We must show the ‘big national craftsman’ style! "The Olympics is not just a sports competition July 31, 2015, the International Olympic Committee President Bach announced Beijing will join hands with Zhangjiakou to win the right to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association.

Chen Daihua who participated in the guarantee on site and felt huge sense of responsibility and mission. In the process of preparation of the Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing Urban Construction Group has undertaken more than 40 Summer Olympics and supporting projects including the National Stadium ‘Bird’s Nest’.

The new Olympic cycle arrives, we have to make new contributions to the Olympics. He said. "Bird’s Nest", Wukesong Sports Center, National Stadium and other major Olympic venues are from the construction of the construction of the Beijing Urban Construction Group. With the Beijing Summer Olympics, the Beijing Urban Construction Group is handed over to Beijing City Construction Archives. More than 30,000 rolls of engineering files, for the unparalleled Olympic Games, the Beijing Urban Construction Group has left a construction imprint in 37 countries and regions around the world. "Bird’s Nest" became the most architectural enterprise Shiny work. "When we conduct international bidding or pre-publication, each time you mention the ‘Bird’s Nest’, the other party always gives respect. "Chen Daihua said that the major project represented by" Bird’s Nest "is" National Business Card ".

  From 2008 to 2022, from Sundao to Winter Olympics, in Chen Daihua, "two Olympics" is an embodiment of comprehensive national strength. In the construction of Beijing Winter Olympics, Beijing Urban Construction Group has successively undertaken national speed slide, national alpine ski center, Beijing Dongao Village, Yanqing Winter Olympics and Mountain News Center and other venues, and the focus of Beijing Metro Winter Olympics Related construction tasks of supporting facilities.

  "In these Beijing Winter Olympics, almost every item has technological innovation." Chen Daihua said, "Shen Dongbo success also started the ‘transmission gun’ of the building construction, which is the competition of our and global construction enterprises." Kili realized the "two Olympics" across the "two Olympics" landmarks, "Bird’s Nest" and "Ice Ribbon" linear distance is only about about km, but the wisdom construction technology used by the two venues, but experienced 15 years The development process. Chen Daihua introduced that "Bird’s Nest" is China’s first major project using BIM technology (smart construction technology).

In the construction, my country realizes the localization of Q460E high-strength steel, and has become one of the major producing countries of high-intensity steel, and it has become one of the most widely used countries in the construction sector.

  In the "ice ribbon" construction process, the builders have integrated BIM, Internet, cloud computing, mobile Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, digital twins, etc., forming a series of advanced digital construction technologies, forming a mature intelligence construction theory system. High-quality component processing installation, high accuracy of measurement and control technology and construction deviations to adjust the technical management system in a timely manner, so that the builders are in general, and quickly build an Olympics. As the "Bird’s Nest" has helped realize the localization of high-strength steel. In the "ice ribbon" construction process, Beijing Urban Construction Group and Manufacturer jointly realized the domestic economy of high vanadium, and successfully applied to "ice ribbon" In the construction of the network, the technical gap in domestic large tonnage and large-area cable network synchronization is filled.

  Innovation in the construction of Beijing Winter Olympics is more than this.

The National Speed ??Sliding Project has applied for 34 national patents, and 1 local standard; the national alpine ski center has applied for 24 national patents, and 1 local standard; Yanqing Winterao Village project has applied for 4 national patents … "We After 15 years of walking away. After the back of the ‘two Olympics’, it is the leap of China’s construction technology. "Chen Daihua said.

  Continuing with passion efforts to run less than 80 days from Beijing Winter Olympics, Beijing Urban Construction Group has completed the task of completing the key project, and the builders have joined the venue to run teams and participate in the competition guarantee. "Providing service guarantee and venue construction is equally important, we still can’t relax." Chen Daihua said. "Olympic engineering is an important position for technology innovation, industry synergy and sharing development. In these Olympic engineering construction, our intelligent construction level continues to improve, and scientific and technological innovation drives the improvement of project refined management, thereby forming an efficient project Process supply chain. "Chen Daihua said," Focus on the future, continue to be passionate, strive to run.

"In Chen Daihua, the inspiration brought about by Olympic Engineering to future project construction mainly reflects more focus on green environmental protection and technology innovation, paying more attention to industrial collaboration and sharing, this is the" green, shared, open, honest "office Olympics The concept is unable to meet.

  "Participate in the construction of the two Olympics ‘venues, enhance our’ walk Going".

"Chen Daihua said," "two degrees with the Olympics, the great era, build a great project, is the luck of Chinese builders." We must pass engineering construction, drive construction technology to advance, promote the healthy development of enterprises, let enterprises develop bonus and public, and constantly enhance the people’s sense, happiness, sense of security. ".