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“You accompany me to sleep,Is because of your request,Your brother’s request,It is also because of Zheng’s Taishan。

If you can become a woman in a heart,Try to use your outstanding pouch to please I,Winning a higher status for the family,I will also look at you high.,at least,That is also what you know what you are doing.。
at least,You feel what you do.,Have absolute meaning。”
Gao Baoyi looked at Zheng’s eyes disdain,Continue to say:“Marry Gao Rui,You don’t know what he is doing.,Gao Rui,You listen to the father’s words back to Kaifeng County,Nothing for Gao Ruiwei,Also didn’t thank people who let go of you,For example, I。
Everyone, everything, you are all feeling,Inverse。No matter how good,You are accepted……Do you think this future is interested??”
Zheng’s probably a blank,Have a dumb movement by Gao Boyi,Like a puppet。
Gao Bo Yi sighed,There is such a weak and numb woman in the world.。
Luke, when looking for himself,It is clear to save Lu Shousun。Her way is very extreme,But she is very clear what I am doing.。
Li Zhu Tan is bigger.,Forced to marry the hull,I don’t do it. I don’t do it.,The old lady is not waiting.,Let’s find a man first。
And this Zheng……It’s really unable to spit。
If you sleep this numbness tonight tonight,Gao Bi felt that he was insulted。
“go out!”
Gao Baoyi light ordered。
Zheng Lao does not move,Probably not reacted。After all, when Gao Bao is careful, she is in touch with her neck.,It’s just a step away from intimate.。It’s so big now,Let her accept。
“Didn’t hear what I said?,go out!”
Gao Biyi loudly。
Zheng’s standing stood up,Running a house。
After Zheng’s left,Gao Bo Yi sighed,Blow down light,Sleeping alone on the bed。
Surprised to look at the daughter to wear neatly from the house.,Before and after,Not half an hour,The clothes on the body have not moved,Just spirit is poor,Like the soul。
“Daughter,What’s wrong with you?Gaotow?He is not happy?”
Zheng said that the ancestors asked。
“father,What did you say that my daughter is alive??”
Zheng’s lightly asked。
Eh?What is it for??
Of course, for marriage,Marriage,Not all this??
But these words,Hard to block in the Zhengki, I can’t say it.。
“Father,Daughter went down。”
Zheng’s annexed is a ritual,Then disappeared in the corner of the cloister。
NS1210chapter Alike yourself
Gao Bao started from Fuyang,Continuously。Zheng Yu Zu, in order to let him rest well,Specially let the lower person,Don’t surround the room,Don’t make a big voice,I don’t listen directly to the direct!
So he feels this,Sleeping abnormally。
However,Just as he is doing a dream,Dreaming of captive Yu Wen,When I was hitting the Qi Jun,But it feels a smooth little hand,Holding your own hand!
This feeling,Just like going to the biscuit box,Suddenly touching a glossy snake!