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“Coordinating all aspects,I’m afraid it will take at least two hours。”Gu Changfeng stretched his head and looked out the window,Look at the watch again,I really don’t know。

“Two hours,No problem。”
“Old Dai, do it right away!”
“Why me again?”Old Dai can’t get used to Li Tianchou’s pretending to be a ghost,But last night he used his abilities to dress up as Zhou Haodong,There is really no flaw,These supernatural abilities are really amazing and terrifying。
“You are familiar,I’m not looking for you?”
“Don’t understand you,The eyebrows are on fire here,But went to the beach where birds don’t shit?This is not a headache,Does the foot hurt the doctor??”
“Where is so much nonsense?are you going?!”Gu Changfeng was on fire immediately,Old Dai is fine,It’s the smelly mouth,Complain too much,Particularly annoying。
“go with!”Old Dai is ruthless,Stomped,Swearing and leaving。
Complaints about Lao Dai,Li Tianchou completely ignored,Sat down again,Actually, the soul is already out,Turn into a phantom and rise into the air,Observe the crowd,He dare to be so big,It’s because the opponent’s supernatural powers have a low cultivation base,Never able to detect him。
Looking at Li Tianchou sitting still,Gu Changfeng’s heart is getting more and more lost,Set your sights on the instructor。
“Two hours,Procrastination should barely be possible。”The instructor smiled,Seems to be the same as Li Tianchou,Not in a hurry,“Huang Ming hides,Prove his guilty conscience,But we can’t hide,Deputy Mayor Niu is in,Just let’s go downstairs together,Let them nominate representatives,Good to meet。”
Gu Changfeng rolled his eyes,Quietly stretched his finger to Li Tianchou, who closed his eyes and meditation,The key is that he is sitting next to the living dead who played Liu Kuan yesterday,The smell of corruption and death makes people afraid to approach。
“Go,Do our own thing。”The instructor pulls Gu Changfeng,He knows Li Tianchou too well,This guy is always calm,Not sure,Won’t be so light,Maybe I’m busy with other things right now。
Li Tianchou is different every time he comes back,Especially this time,It’s not just dressing up weird,Few words,And the fierce breath exuding from all over,It makes people feel like they are on the edge of a storm where the mountains are whistling and tsunami,Difficult to approach。
Don’t know,This is the result of Li Tianchou deliberately converging and suppressing,If it is not pressurized,Full release,Serving as an instructor and others,I don’t want to get close to his tens of meters。
The instructor’s tricks are old-fashioned,But very practical,Is nothing more than procrastinating,The troublemaker began to nominate representatives,Yelling,Tossing around for nearly half an hour,I selected five villagers,Turns out a guy was full of swear words,I also held a hatchet in my hand,A look of bandit,Mayor Niu immediately declared that the representative was unqualified,Re-election。
That guy jumped up immediately,Yelling,Inciting surrounding villagers to besiege Deputy Mayor Niu。
The instructor was prepared,Winked,Quanxingguo strode out,Pinch the opponent’s wrist holding the knife,Around,At the same time,A trip to put this person down,Then grab the knife and cut the opponent’s arms,So he firmly controlled the troublemaker。