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But that young woman is more frightened,I am busy:“Chow、Chu Lee!I am not unauthorized,Please ask the sister in the palace to ask the two palace owners.!”

Chu Deirers heard a sentence,I didn’t understand where I didn’t understand.……
Still a small fish, then introduce the road:“Chu Chuzi,The girl is Tiefang, which is the floral palace.,Too……Granddaughter of ironless double iron。”
Little fish is generally called the deer people.。
“You are here……do what?”Chu Deirers are actually really want to ask“This is where you are carrying iron、Is it a reason for the little girl?”,But seeing Tie Pinggui has been scared enough,I didn’t say it.。
Small fish, then look at the tomb,Chu Deirers also noticed,There is no name at the cemetery.。
But I think of the little fish and Tiefang just worship.,It is also not difficult to guess who is buried.……
The only intersection of two people,It is not to eat human head Li Dazzi——Little fish of Li Bo、Tiefang’s biological father。
“So to say,Previously you saw the secret,Is Li Dadu for you?”Chu Deiren officer。
“Be right,Li Bo……A lifetime,Finally, I will have a evil.。”Little fish have lams in the eyes,However, instinctive wants to ridicule two sentences,Just because Tiefang is on the side,So I have neid it.。
Five big evils before the Turtle Mountain,Although I can’t take back the treasure,But but also,More fortunately than Chu Deirers。
In addition, the white is happy and really grabs Ma Yun.,And Ma Yunben is aqueous poplar、Also style,It is also half-pushed.,The evil people also gave a wedding of others.,Used to give two people。
At that time, Bai Mountain Jun happened to meet the ghost children.,I know that my wife wants another person.,But there is a loose tone,Under the support of the boy,Appeared on the spot、And leave after his wife……
Ma Yiyun disappointed,Hook、Picking a few big evils。
Even for five wicked people,In the wicked valley, I have a small life.,But it is“White priest knows the sword”,Ma Yimi has passed,Direct open“Eating chicken pattern”。
A mutual calculation、After the death,Six worships plus Ma Yiyun five dead and one heavy injury……
Only Li Dadi left half a life,After seeing the little fish and Tiefang,Also dressed。
At this time, the Chu Deirers suddenly heard a footsteps.,I saw that Iron’s Lan came over.。
Chu Deiren saw it:“Iron girl,Little fish and this iron girl,That is clear white,Just happen to meet,Worship a elder,Can you have any tips between them?……”
Small fish:……
Chapter 1,39 Signaling
Little fish is very glad,Fortunately,Change the average person, it is really not possible to explain it.!
Tiexinlan is finally good,Also comforted with Tiefang with the little fish。
Tiefang knows that there will be Wuxi after the moon of the Moon Moon,Waiting in place,Good health……
After finding a small fish,When the Chu Deiren returned to the jade courtyard,Seeing 13,000,At this time, Thirty-thousand faces are still pale,Obviously, the viscera is not cured.。
In fact, he has not hit by the old monkey.,otherwise……I still want to hurt and don’t die.?What?Is it damaged by fat??
Thirty thousand injuries,It is the four ghosts in Xiangxi.,Join hands“Phantom big move”,Very unwarter of the martyr, three thousand, send a few miles away!
Because you can’t control,So directly falling in West Lake,And made three thousand injuries。
If it is not just encountered a small fish and a flower,The intention of the four ghosts in Xiangxi is a white fee.!
“Wan boss is not bad……”The Chu Deiren met the yin and yang.,After all, he is still unpleasant before and thousands of business deals.。
“I have decided to produce home,Also give two Jianggui,‘boss’It’s going to say it.。”Thirty thousand calm looking at Chu Deirers,Although there are a few decent,But it is not humble。
“Warafter a bad color is not bad……”The Chu Deiren said that he didn’t see it.。
Thirty thousand:……
“Waiting for the conspiracy of Zhao ignorant,Wan someone hits the mountain……”Thirty thousand just to explain,I didn’t want to be a shopkeeper.。
Chu Deirers broke:“This,You have no family product.,Is it fruit to eat in the mountain??Even if you can’t ask your wife,Also have to pray for the old money!”