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if we assume,The strongest way of ordinary fusion is the combination of plate fragments。

The strongest way of ultimate fusion is the complete splicing of plate fragments,Only cracks emerged。
The ultimate way,It’s a perfect plate。
A trace‘Gap’None exist!
With the mystery in the blue and white imprint, it merges into Li Ming’s formation‘plate’in,Cracks began to heal and disappear。
Draw‘Qi Zhizun’The mystery of the Supreme Way,Into one’s own line。
An inexplicable volatility swept across。
Ultimate formation,to make!
First29chapter Ultimate Daoist
Three Realms Zhongshan Mansion,On the unnamed peak,A burst of invisible fluctuations start from this,Sweeping the chaotic world。
Do not,That wave surpasses the chaotic world,Faintly resonates with the vast power in the depths of the chaos。
Li Ming’s breath becomes extremely vast,As if standing alone,There is a world change,A great formation that coexists with the universe emerges。look up to the sky。
“Control the ultimate formation,Is the main source of the formation!”Li Ming murmured。
“Four Arrays?From the perspective of the ultimate formation,There are no four major formations,Some are just complete arrays!”