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Time and space warped by the body surface,will《Chaotic Origin Tribulation Cloud Formation》The burst of thunder scattered to the surrounding void。

But even so,After two rounds of Thunder,The body of the chaotic beast ruled by Mangya has been seriously injured,Scorched scars appeared on the body surface。
“I surrender!”The huge chaotic beast lowered its noble head。
The voice fell off,The cloud covering the void dissipates,Master Mangya was also relieved。
Notice,Li Ming came and said it was a discussion。It also gives a bet to dominate inheritance,But after doing it,Feel that strength far surpasses him,Master Mangya felt a trace of fear。
Say rolling,Maybe a little too。But it is indeed superior to him!
Feel for him,It’s a bit like the master of the parallel universe‘destroy’。
The master of a different universe than the real master,Obviously inferior,But it’s far more than the master。
But with‘Lord of the Destroyer Court’different,The strength of Ming Daojun is all-round,Not only attack strong,Various formations combined with the world of the heart,Combined Secret Art,Easily suppressed his grasp of time and space。
If you fight with the Lord of the Destroyer Court,As long as it doesn’t run into the opposite universe,Mangya is more than 70% sure of the escape。
But in front of Mr. Ming Dao,But can’t escape—Master Mangya can only bet that his body is big enough,How to resist,Until the other party runs out of energy。
In this situation,If Mangya’s body resistance is pushed to the limit,I’m not sure that Li Mingzhen will kill him。
Kill a master,Rob all of its wealth,The value is still greater than that of a master’s mysterious inheritance。