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For Tang Canopy,Li Hui felt some speechless。

He has always been a man’s color,I didn’t expect women to be colored.,And still good girl。
“no,It’s the other party.,Beauty, I feel self-satisfied.。”
“Let it go,Go back and continue to sing with you,Singing songs, you will not have this feeling.。”
Li Hui Feng does not know what the idea of Tang Can,But his instinct is not going to check.。
After all, I will refer to Tang Chan and there are other small tricks.。
“Forehead,alright,But I feel that she is clear and purified.,Here I am afraid she will be bullied.。”
“okay,okay,Girls who can come here are not afraid of being bullied,I am afraid that I should not come.,Unless it is a place to limit personal freedom,You feel that there is such a limited personal freedom.?”
Said that Li Hui also took Tang Caide to go back.。
I just sat down.,Tang Can, I can’t help but ran again.。
“Xu Tianci,Come out with me,Take you to see the beauty。”
“Forehead,Do not go,Do not go。”
For Tang Can’s ancient spirits,Xu Tianci, but there is no less than a loss,Now the other party let him see the beauty,If you really have to see it,So the result is very likely to be a fat.,There are also those who condemned him to suspect life.。
“really,This time I promise you not to lie to you.,Who lies you is a puppy。”
even so,Xu Tianci is still a little dare。
“Do you want you to see it.,I see Tang Can girl is not the kind of deception.,When I came in, she let me see the beauty.,But I haven’t seen it.。”
With Li Hui’s words,Xu Tianci is also a bit difficult to get up。
“This is, you let me go.,Li’s brother, but the big brother, but give me a testimony.。”
Tang Can see Xu Tianci’s careful look,It is also giggling.。
She didn’t think that Xu Tianci has been packed by her.。
Actually, there is still some people who have some people to testify and have to pay attention to it.。
Can’t help but the performance of Xu Tianci is more satisfied。
“knew,Where so much nonsense,Less to my ink,hurry up。”
Said that she directly reached out and pulled Xu Tianci and went out.。
Two people looking out,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“He Big Brother,Are they both??”
“Hey-hey,Basically, this is the same,However, it is generally not caused.。”
“puff,That is a lot of trouble, there are a lot of trouble.?”
I was asked with Li with the wind.,He Dashan is also a bit hard。
“It is troublesome,Tang family’s situation,Basically,I rarely put it.。”
Li Hui Feng then asked He Dashan asked what people challenge today?,Why is the new store to open this situation?。
In this way, it is ignored in his eyes.。
He has always feel that the existence of the law is that all people can constrain all people.,However, the situation in Rao Shang City made him feel that these people have not followed the law.,As if it is still an ancient system。
Xu Tianci regretted after Tang Canola went out of the door.。
Because Tang Chan is do not know where the so-called beauty goes。