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The knife and the sword seem like to run through this area.,The bright ray is in the river of two pentium roaring.,Traveling in half air。

Bai Mountain flew out,Two consecutive trees,Then fall in the broken branch。
His constant cough,Face is pale,Sluggish,Want to stand up,But fell again in the blood of the blood。
Summer is also shocked five or six steps,But his eyes have a bright,Going in front of a big step。
“Who are you?,who is it!”
Seeing summer walking,Shi Sheng is on the tree rod in the break,Face pain,And a fear。
“who I am……Do you know??”Summer stares at him,“I don’t want to degrade you with a winner’s gesture.,If you will answer me some questions,I can stay your body.,Not eating by the beast。”
Shi Sheng laughs several times,Severe cough,But still don’t forget the curse summer,“You are finally tragic,Lushan will not let you,You must be more miserable than me.,Ha ha……Uh!”
He rushed to the summer,Also abruptly,A pair of pupils gradually scattered。
Just now the sword,This is a sword who is life and death.。
Also in the extreme,After being broken by a knife in the summer,Shi Sheng is already in the end of the strong。
Sighing in summer,Some regret。
He wanted to know some information about Jiuyang Magic from Shisangkou.,Why do the opponent’s heart,Even if he can’t save。
After processing the body,He did not return to the manor,But bypassing the Dwarf,Departure。
Many people die。
In the woods in the north side of the green manor,A mess。
Three-education deputy alliance prisoner Li Lin on the spot,Dozens of men die underself。
The words of major ancient Wumen,Half of death。
Lotus Piece Yin Duo。
Lushan Baishan Water and Shi Shengqi。
Even the beginning of this is not once again appeared in summer.。
the most important is,When you go to chase the stone in the summer,The rest of the host is searched for half,There is still no discovery of the trace of the gathering。
“Will it be a saint of the lotus sent to steal away,I saw her departure early.。”
Some people put this question,Although there is no evidence,Can be confusing,Only Yin Du’s power is the highest。
certainly,The reason why they are,Still shirking responsibility,Wash your own suspicion。
So after later,Similar rumors。
Juxing disk is very likely to fall in the lotus。
As for so many people,It must also cause great sensation in the ancient currents.,And the summer will definitely be retaliated。
But all this,Already have nothing to do with Jose。
Baihua Group。