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A word from Zhao Chunling,Suddenly reminded Xia Jian,He stood up abruptly and said:“OK!We chartered a car to the city,And go at night,No matter how bold they are,Don’t dare to stop the car for inspection at night!“

“Mayor Xia!Zhao Gang colluded with a group of social gangsters in the town,Give them a sum of money every month。It’s quite possible to stop the car and check this kind of thing,So we must proceed with caution,Can’t make a mistake“Li Fengzhu said,Walked in from outside the door。
Xia Jian’s head was like a pot of cold water,He had to sit down again。what should I do?These guys are guarding the town,Not going for a day,They can’t go there for a day,But it’s not a solution。
Stay in such a place,Just do it in one or two days,But after a long time, nothing will work。Xia Jian gets angry the more I think about it,He suddenly roared:“There is no King Fa,How can a legal society tolerate them“
“Mayor Xia!The alarm is useless。As soon as the police arrive,They didn’t break the law,At best dispel,But the police walked away,They got together again。Like Liu Xiaocheng and others,Don’t say let them go,Just rush,I can’t leave now“Li Fengzhu said worriedly。
First1639chapter Wei Wei and Zhao Zhao
As the saying goes,Three heads surpass Zhuge Liang。Li Fengzhu comes,Plus Zhao Chunling’s analysis,Xia Jian thought suddenly。He said silently:“Then we will come around Wei and save Zhao“
“what?What you mean is to move this group of people in town away?“Zhao Chunling asked a little surprised。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“We charter a car in advance,Then hit110Call the police,Just say that MLM is rampant in Shuitang Village,Not only detaining personnel,And severely injured a couple,Call for police as soon as possible“
“You are a false police,Is illegal“Zhao Chunling said a little worried。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Can’t control so much,We can only send the police,Let’s give these people in Shuitang Village a nervous air,Let these people in town withdraw immediately,We have a chance to reach the city smoothly“
“Damn!What is the law。Anyway, there are MLM dens in Shuitang Village. This is a fact,As for beating people? It’s a common thing,It’s not a false alarm。Finish this call,Disassemble the phone card and throw it away,Whatever it is“Li Fengzhu’s words don’t sound very reasonable,But it is practical。
Zhao Chunling glared at her and said:“Just you smart,I ask you,Where’s your phone?“
“Don’t ask,All tears。They keep my phone,Only when asking for money from home or calling someone,They can give me,Shut down the rest of the time“Li Fengzhu said,Tears are coming down again。
Xia Jian has a look,Busy talking to Zhao Chunling:“I think this method is feasible,Anyway, your phone card has nothing to do with your ID,I can’t find anything“
“it is good!Then do this,After reporting the alarm,I will remove the card and throw it away“Zhao Chunling took a breath,She also made a lot of determination。After all, the police are not good to deceive,But they have no alternative。
Xia Jian took out the business card he brought back last night,I made a call on Zhao Chunling’s cell phone。The phone was connected soon,Xia Jian explained the meaning of chartering。
“Chartered,But I won’t go to the city,Said it’s not worthwhile“The middle-aged man is very determined。