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Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice

When you have watched the first six steps to live the best life in the moment, you may feel that your best life is still out of reach.

In fact, nothing is farther than the truth.

Your best life is today!

God wants you to enjoy life now.

The seventh step in allowing you to enjoy the best of life is to choose to spend the day happily!

You don’t have to wait until your family or career is perfect, or if all the problems are solved, you can be happy.

You don’t have to wait until you lose weight, get rid of bad habits, or you can be happy if your goals are achieved.

No, God wants you now, you have to be happy at the moment.

  Happiness is a choice.

When you wake up every morning, you can choose to be happy and enjoy the next day.

Or, you can choose not to be happy, and then you will be depressed all day.

The decision is up to you.

If you decide to let the environment influence yourself or not, you may miss the rich life God has given you.

  You may be walking in the bottom of your life, or there is a great obstacle in front of you. You have the best reason to be happy.

However, being unhappy doesn’t make things better; eliminating negative or bitterness doesn’t make things help.

You can actually choose to be happy and then enjoy life!

When you do this, you will not only feel better, but your faith will also make God manifest and work in your life.

God knows that our lives are difficult, struggling, and challenging. He never hoped that we will live happily today, but tomorrow, when it encounters setbacks, it will immediately fall into the abyss. He hopes that we can live in peace and hope that we can enjoy it.Every day in life.

  Therefore, you have to stop worrying about the future and stop the consequences of what happened.

One day’s difficulties are one day; so that you should make good use of every day.

Planning, setting goals, planning budgets, and scheduling progress are all good, but if you just live in the future, you will never be able to enjoy what God wants you at the moment.

  If we are too focused on the future, we usually feel frustrated because we don’t know what will happen in the future.

Naturally, uncertainty will add to our pressure, and uniforms make us insecure.

We must know that God has given us enough grace today, and he has not given the grace of tomorrow.

When tomorrow comes, we naturally have the power to live a better tomorrow.

God gives us everything we need today, but if we continue to be tomorrow, we will be bound by frustration and disappointment.

  You have to learn to have a good day.

Take your willpower to make choices and enjoy your life now.

Life is too short, so don’t enjoy every day!

Learn to appreciate family, friends, health, work, and appreciate everything in your life.

Happiness is a decision, not an emotional response that you feel.

Of course, life will inevitably not have bad things happening, or things are far from expected.

However, the more like these times, the more we need to ignore the environment around us and decide to be happy.

  Many people live in uneasiness for a long time.

They are always unhappy, often feel discouraged, and always face challenges so that they can’t be happy: they can’t sleep at night, they are too worried, they don’t like to work together, they are easy to thunder for the tiny things of sesame mung bean, once traffic jam or someoneWhen they stop the road, they will be furious and screaming.

  Living a calm and stable life is a very important thing.

If we want to be safe, we must keep ourselves flexible and let things change.

When the leakage of our affairs happens, we must firmly decide: “No, I will not let this thing take my peace; I don’t let the emotions get out of control; I will not let myself be angry.”I want to choose happiness.

  It’s all small things. Usually, it’s not a big deal that makes us upset. Other small things make us violent.

But if we don’t learn to deal with these little things, they will become big things.

Suppose you work home all day, just as you are ready to park your car in the garage, you see a bunch of kids’ toys scattered on the garage ramp.

You have to stop, go down and remove the toy.

You are tired and hot, sweating and moving everything away.

Usually, this is the moment when you are most likely to get angry or upset.

However, what you want to do is what the enemy is doing to steal your peace. Through these small trivial things, you can mess up the good nights with your family.

You have to make a decision not to let things get worse; don’t let yourself get angry.

  ”Jol, I can’t do it.

I am a very nervous person. “You might say:” I am very easy to worry about.

“not like this.

As long as you want to do it, you can do it.

God said that he would not let us meet too many temptations we can.

If your mind is strong enough, no matter what happens in your life, you can remain calm and calm.

  God puts peace in each of us, and we see that we use it without ourselves, especially in the moment of pressure in our lives. We need to take spiritual peace from heaven.

How to do it?

Just choose to keep the right attitude.

You must choose to stay happy.

  One day, Victoria drove to the car wash center to help me wash the car.

My car is the old car that my father used to drive. It is the Lexus in 1995.

Although the car is old, it looks good because it is well maintained.

  Victoria drove the car into the car wash cabin we used to go. Usually the soft bristles in the car wash room were only gently brushed, and sometimes they didn’t even touch the car.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what’s wrong with the machine. When the car came out of the car wash, it didn’t wash off the dust on the car. A noticeable scratch from the front bumper across the convertible and over the roof, all the wayTo the rear of the windshield.

  When Victoria drove the car back, she stood in the garage and looked at the scratch.

(I think she might pray for a miracle!

Here, my son, Jonathan, ran out. When he saw the car, he immediately turned and rushed to my office to publicize.

  It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was praying to prepare three podium information for the weekend.

I am brewing a calm, calm and stable working atmosphere, but Johnson is rushing in at this moment: “Dad!

“He screamed hard:” Come on, my mother ruined your car!

  ”Strong Nathan, thank you for being so rumored!

“I said:” The next time you directly stun me a stick!

  Of course I am joking.

However, I did make a decision at the time: Do I want this accident to steal my peace and joy?

Want me to let this emergency ruin the entire weekend?

Or, do I have to control my temper and not let myself be angry or angry?

Should I stay calm and know that everything is still in the hands of God?

  I went to the garage. When I saw the car, frankly, it was really a terrible scratch.

But I just decided not to be angry, I want to be happy.My fingers followed the scratches and touched the suitcase from the convertible. I decided to look at the bright side of the matter. I said to Victoria: “Well, now only Houston has my Lexus with racing stripes.

  When bad things happen, no matter how we call roar, it doesn’t change things; no matter how much effort we spend, it doesn’t make things look better.

I know that no matter how sad I am, or if the flying knife waits for all the people in the car wash center, the scratch will not disappear into the air.

I decided to keep the original calm and maintain the original joy.

  The Bible says that we were a cloud, and we disappeared when we were young.

Life has passed by, so we don’t waste a minute of precious time on being angry, unhappy or worried about fear.

The poet said: “This is the day the Lord has set, and we will be happy and happy in it!

“Attention, the poet did not say:” Tomorrow, we will rejoice and be happy.

“He did not say:” Next week, when things are resolved, I will be happy.

“No, what he said is:” This is the day.

“That is today, God wants us to rejoice and be happy.

  ”I am waiting for God to come and control me.

“I have heard people say this.

This kind of teaching sounds good, but the truth is that God is waiting for you.

If you change your attitude, start to appreciate, and enjoy what you have now, God will show it and then work in your life.

If you have been waiting for something to happen, so that your mood turns to be happy, then you may have to wait for the rest of your life, and your life will always have something wrong.

So, you will always have reason to be happy.

  I have heard friends say this: “As long as I am married, I will be happy.”

“But friends, if you are not happy before marriage, you will never be happy after marriage.

Some women once said to me: “Jol, if you help me pray and find a man, I know that I will be happy.

“They came back to me after each month:” Jol, if you help me pray out of this man, I know I will be happy.

  Marriage partners are not really a problem.

No one can really make you happy, you must learn how to be happy.

  Admittedly, you may have a big problem to solve. Many things in your life may not be perfect: maybe you want to be more handsome, handsome, and beautiful, not Hua or talent; you may wish to be born in a wealthier family.
But you can’t let these superficial things take your joy.

You must say, “God, I know that you have spared everything you need.”

I am not going to be depressed, not to be pessimistic.

I don’t want to imagine that I am someone else in my life, I hope things will have different looks.

God, God, I will gladly accept what you have given me, and I will make good use of it.

I want to accept myself happily and become the style that creates me.

I have to enjoy my life, even though I still have some shortcomings.

  Do not take everything that God has given you for granted, and receive it with a grateful heart.

Try to appreciate each person’s strengths, the bright side of everything, and learn to rejoice in the position you are in.

The key is here: in the land you grow, bloom beautifully.

Maybe you are not satisfied with the current life situation: your marriage is not perfect; your work is not ideal; your life is not as you expected.

However, you must make a decision and make good use of the current situation.

Regardless of the environment, you must learn to live happily.

  In the land where you grow, bloom beautifully. I walked into a forest and came to a wasteland full of weeds.

I looked around, and the ground was full of yellow, dull, and dry weeds.

But as I continued to move down, I saw a flower standing upright in the weeds.The color of the flower is colorful and bright, swaying with the wind, and it is particularly energetic in this pile of dried yellow weeds.

I am thinking, this is what God wants us to do: in the land that grows, bloom beautifully.

  You may also live or work in a weed pile, but don’t let them affect your beauty.

Some people have tried their best to remove all the weeds, and at the same time, they have missed many good times in their lives.

Don’t worry about things you can’t change: you can’t change the peak time of traffic jam every morning; you can’t change everyone’s work habits; you can’t make every member of the family serve God.

However, you should not let these things affect you not to be happy.

Despite your beauty, focus on what you can change.

You can change your attitude and alternately happy now.

  Maintain a good attitude and fully bloom in your position.

If you decide to keep your faith and happiness, God will start to change your environment at the same time.

He will lead you out of the weed heap and into a better place.

But if you refuse to bear fruit, your growth will be stagnant.

God puts us in a specific environment so that we can bear fruit.

What environment we are in is not the focus, the key point is: Do we have good results?

Are we mainly shining?

Do we live a good testimony?

Does the Lord’s joy emerge from our lives?

If you are in the position, constantly glowing, hot, and full, you can be sure that God is coming when you are in the Lord.

He will transplant you, let you move into the good soil, and kill you to bear more beautiful fruits.

But if you are always dissatisfied with your environment, you will never be able to enter the beauty you want.

  To thank today, some people believe that life is just a series of problems to be solved.

The sooner they solve the problem, the sooner they will be happy.

But, in fact, when you successfully solve this problem, there will be another problem waiting for you to face.

Then, when you overcome this difficulty, there will be another problem, and there will always be another mountain to climb.

This is why the enjoyment process is more important than the end of the journey.

In this world, we will never reach a place where everything is perfect and there is no need to face any challenges.

Although it is an admirable thing to set goals and then work hard to achieve them, you can’t misunderstand all the good things you can enjoy today.

  I have heard some parents say this: “As long as my child can quickly separate the diapers, I will be relaxed and happy.

“After a few years, they said: “As long as they go to school quickly, I have a lot of free time, and then I will be happy.

“After a few years, I said:” When the children graduated, my burden will be alleviated, and then I can enjoy my life.

“And life has quietly passed away.

“Just wait for me to get this promotion; just wait until I sign this contract; just wait until I retire.” No, you need to learn to enjoy your life now, every day, every piece of life.

  Achieving great things will not make you happy forever.

You will be happy for a while, but then will fade away.

It’s like being addicted. After a while you will need another big thing to stimulate you.

Or maybe you are used to letting yourself wait for everything to be calm and clear, and you will allow yourself to enjoy life so safely that you are waiting for everything to be satisfactorily resolved; you are waiting for your spouse to become more mature; you areWait for the child to change, wait for the career to grow, or wait to pay off the mortgage.

  Why can’t you be happy now?

Don’t wait until many years later to be amazed at the wood, it’s too late, those you think can bring happiness, rather than bringing eternal joy as scheduled.

Grateful for today and enjoy your life journey.

  Now is your golden age.Twenty years later, when you look back, I hope you can smile and say: “That is really a good time in my life.

  You might say: “But I really have a lot of problems to solve, how can I enjoy life?

“You must know that everyone has a lot of problems to solve; you are not the only one.

Everyone in our lives will have something incomprehensible.

  Even if you feel that your problems are extremely difficult, extremely difficult, and extremely tragic, some (and many) problems are more serious than you.

Your life is as comfortable as a real rose bed with other people’s lives.

You may be frustrated today, but someone is willing to put everything in exchange for your life, and someone is willing to put all your exchanges for your health, or your success.

We must be grateful for having so many things, we should stop going to where there is something wrong, and start thinking about what is right in God’s eyes.

  Half of the chapters in the New Testament were completed by the apostle Paul in prison, usually in a small dungeon, not larger than our current bathroom.

Some historians and Bible critics believe that Paul’s prisoner’s in mind was where the gutter passed.

While Paul is burying the letter of the New Testament, the water level in the septic tank may be as high as the waist.

However, Paul still wrote these many moving consciences: “I can do everything by giving me strength.”

“And:” Thanks to God who often calls us to victory.

“And:” You must always rejoice in the Lord.

I will say, you have to be happy.

“Attention, we must be happy at all times. Even when we are in a state of disappointment, when things are not as expected, don’t fall into self-blame from Ai, and refuse to live without treating you fairly.”

On the contrary, make up your mind to rejoice in the Lord.

Choose happiness!

Choose to be full of joy!

  When you are still happy and happy in the difficult situation, you are full of old fists to the enemy, because the enemy has no ability to parry those who are still thankful and praised in the harsh environment.

Our attitude should be: “I don’t care what is blocked in my life. I have to rely on the Lord to always rejoice.

I have made up my mind to be happy this life, I want to enjoy a rich life.

  We must know that the enemy is not really waiting for the machine to destroy your dreams, or your health, your economy.

Its primary goal is not your family, it is peeping at your joy.

The Bible says: “The joy of the Lord is your strength.

“It knows that when it tricks you into jealousy, you lose the main power – physical, emotional, or spiritual power – to withstand its attacks.

You will become weak and vulnerable.

  For your health, smile. There is scientific evidence that if your mood has been low and depressed, you are always stressed, often worried, full of fear, then your immunity will be reduced, and then the disease will easily invade.

Scientists have discovered that each of our bodies produces nanoparticles every week.

But in the immune system God has given, there is a cell called “natural killer cell.”

Such cells are capable of phagocytizing and destroying the proliferation of abnormal cells.

Studies have shown that fear, harm, stress and other complications can weaken the ability of these natural killer cells.

For example, if you are under great pressure, your immune system will be weak and you will become susceptible to illness.

  At the same time, those who laugh, are always happy, and are positive, have more natural killer cells than the average person.

Think about it, when you are often full of joy, your immune function reaches its peak and achieves the desired effect of God.

The Bible says: “The heart of joy is a good medicine.

“There is another translation:” The heart of pleasure is very effective.

“Modern science has repeatedly verified the authenticity of the Bible.

  One of the healthiest things you can do is to learn to smile often.

When we laugh, we will send a message to the whole body, which will make your whole person comfortable and happy.Research shows that when we smile, a special chemical component is released, let us relax and stay healthy.

Whether you have a reason to laugh, just make up your mind to keep smiling.

  One day I stood in the hall of the Lakewood Church, and a little boy ran up, with a serious and confused expression on his body.

He looked at me up and down, then the article: “I want to ask you one thing.

  ”Okay,” I replied: “What do you want to know?

  The boy immediately reported without thinking: “I want to know why you have been laughing all the time?

“His expression is serious and serious, so I almost feel that it is a big mistake to always smile.

  However, I replied: “Well, I smile because I am a happy person!

Do you often laugh?

  The little boy thought about it, the article: “Only when eating ice cream.

“A lot of adults are just like this kid. They only smile when they are sweet and sweet.

However, if they are willing to open their hearts, God may make their lives miraculous.

  Learning to laugh, Mo is so restless.

A relaxed attitude is enough to make you live longer and make your life more diverse.

  It is for this reason that the fracture will stop you from breaking and begin to rejoice.

The more you thank God for what you have, the more God gives you what you don’t have.

Paul said: “I can be content with whatever situation I have. This is what I have learned.

“Expanding the Bible:” No matter what the situation is, I have learned contentment (contentment in my undisturbed or unworried).

“Note that Paul has learned to be content, just as he learns to be happy.

This does not happen naturally, Paul must make up his mind to make himself happy.

  Satisfied with your current attention, contentment is not meant to mean that you are retreating and accepting all the problems and troubles encountered in your life; this does not mean that you are a cloud of people, no goals, no motivation to follow the tide.

If you are satisfied with the music, you will lose your enthusiasm to make things better.

No, contentment is just to show that you have enough confidence in God, so when things are not as good as they are, you will not be disappointed and fall, and will not let the environment steal your joy; no matter what difficulties are in the first place,You choose to stay happy and decide not to let the little things knock you down.

  If you are often unhappy, maybe you are really out of order.

If you get up every morning, you are very tired: don’t want to go to work, don’t want to drive, don’t want to see the boss, you don’t want to do what you want to do all day, don’t even want to go home.

At this time, it is not your attitude that needs to change, that is, you need to change jobs!

  In a few cases, most of the time, God does not change your environment unless you change it first.

If you can’t be content with your place, you can never get to where you want to go.

You may not have enough money today, your economy may be easy to report, but as long as you keep repeating, you are constantly complaining, telling how unfair life is to you, what drags you down so that you can’t move forward,Then your unflattened attitude is generally that you have been staying in the original place and can’t move.

  Maybe you haven’t become what you want, you don’t have what you desire.

But you have to learn to be satisfied, no matter what the environment, you must believe that God is working in your life, you have to believe that you are growing, things are going forward.

The Bible says that God’s change is done little by little.

Don’t be dissatisfied, know that everything is under the control of God.

  The Bible says: “The footsteps of the righteous are set by the Lord.

“If God sets your footsteps, where you are now is where God wants you to be.

  ”Hey, Jol, this won’t be true.

“You might say, “I have too much trouble; it’s too uncomfortable here; it won’t be God’s plan for me.”

  You may not understand, but God must have him there.

He may be completing a job in your life, and he may ask you to learn from it, push you forward, and extend your resistance in conflict.

Or, God puts you there, to help someone’s life, God wants to use you to influence others.In any case, you can choose joy, believe that God is setting your footsteps, because God must have his reasons for putting you there.

  Very interesting, isn’t it?

When we reach the “mountain”, far away from the vines in the trough, we believe that this is the transfer of God.

But we must know that God wants us to go the same way we have planned.

You may be in a stressful place; your spouse and children may be difficult to get along with; or you may be treated unfairly because of company policy; or you must have two errands to barely maintain.

You may think: “It doesn’t seem right, God, I really don’t understand what it is.”

  The Bible says: “Since the Lord is introducing us, why should we try to understand everything that happens on the road?

“Friends, you absolutely can’t fully understand everything that happened in your life, or why it is difficult along the way.

You just have to learn to trust God, that’s all.

You must learn to remain firm and believe that God controls everything.

  There are two college basketball players, all of whom are twenty-seven years old, one tall and two meters, one meter and nine meters.

Around 1990, they were preparing to travel to Kenya to participate in a short-term mission team. This was their first time to participate in overseas missions, and they were very excited and looking forward to it.

They prayed for months and asked God to use their lives and let the journey go smoothly.

  When the plane was about to land in London, the fog had to be hovering over Heathrow Airport in London because of the thick fog, until the dense fog dissipated.

However, it took a few hours to get through. When they got off the plane, they had already missed the Kenyan flight.

They are very nervous and tired because the next flight will take off after eight to ten hours.

They bite the article a bit: “God, we don’t understand what this is all about.”

It took us so long to pray, and the whole church prayed for us, but how did we get worse?

  Finally, the time for the next flight to take off, because there is no extra position in the economy class, so the two tall men will be directly upgraded to the first class.

Now they are happy because there is a big space to shrink their legs.

However, on the voyage, the plane suddenly began to dive down sharply. For a while, the screams began to scream, and the stewardess was busy to appease the passengers’ panic. The two young people also thought that this must be dead.

  The two young people sitting in front of them were calmly making a prayer of wisdom: “God, we unfortunately missed the last flight. Now, we are on this plane that is about to crash.”

Although we really don’t understand what it is, we still ask us to use our lives.

  At this time, they heard the sound of fighting in the captain’s cockpit.

They looked at each other and said: “We have nothing to do anyway, go see what happened!

“Then the stewardess opened the cabin door. A terrorist who was more than two meters tall was attacking the captain and the assistant pilot, ready to hijack.

The two pilots, who are 1.65 and 1.74, are trying to subdue the crazy brawny, but they are not his opponents.

  The two basketball players immediately stepped forward to unify the hijacker, and they pushed him to the ground and dragged out of the captain’s cockpit.

Throughout the process, the aircraft fell from a height of 10,000 meters to a height of less than 1,500 meters. If the two pilots pulled back in time, the aircraft would crash in a few seconds.

I am afraid that all the passengers on board will be in trouble, even to the innocent people on the ground.

  Sometimes God puts you in an uncomfortable position in order to let you help others.

God deliberately delayed the flight of the two young people, and the other two individuals arranged in the first class to rescue the passengers of the whole aircraft.

God knows what he is doing, he can see through the picture, and he sees the future.

It is no accident that He placed you in this special place today, and he is completely in his plan.

Stop questioning him and believe him wholeheartedly, as long as he knows that God is in power.

He knows what is best for you, and everything He is in his heart.

He set your footsteps.

  Your responsibility is to choose happiness, no matter what your current situation is.

Maybe your colleagues around you are always looking for you, you may be thinking: “God, I should not bear it all.”

I don’t understand why I don’t want this person to disappear from my life?”But have you ever thought that God put you in that position, in order to work through you on this person?

Maybe you are the object that this person needs very much. God may want to say something encouraging words through the influence of you to this person. Because of your radiance, fever, let him change, life is no longer the same.

  Choose happiness and choose to maintain the right attitude.

Remember, happiness is a choice you maintain, even when you don’t know, you still have to believe that God is working on you or working through you.

Make up your mind, from today, you will bloom beautifully in the land you grow and enjoy every day of your life.