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Suzhou Zhongtu Clan Leadership Self-Trade Community Special Mission Right to Alleviate Foreign Trade Enterprises "Difficult"

  On May 12th, the two-column of China-Euban Suzhou Safe Trade Zone was slowly drove out of Jiangsu (Suzhou) International Railway Logistics Center, and the two columns were all over the Suzhou City, the two columns. Words of goods in the area.

This is the new initiative of Suzhou China European class full expansion of strategic channel resources and precisely help Suzhou local enterprises.

On the same day, Jiangsu (Suzhou) International Railway Logistics Center Customs Supervision Region officially put into operation. These two columns of China-Euban Suzhou City Trade Zone, full load of dozens of industrial products such as CNC machine tools, household appliances, communication base stations, medical equipment, totaling 1,72 labels, heavy goods over 1,100 tons, with a value of nearly 100 million yuan. It is understood that the "inspiration" of the Sino-European Ban Suman Surfacia Area is coming from a deeper enterprise visit. "Enterprises generally reflect, due to the spread of the epidemic, leading to foreign port clearance, logistics links, international logistics prices have risen." Suzhou Xincheng Investment Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for China-EU Ban Operation Suzhou International Ban Freight Co., Ltd. Manager Zhang Fan said that in this case, the Sino-European Banli Suzhou Safe Trade Zone came into being. For Suzhou Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

"Influence is affected by the epidemic, our company is originally affected by goods through shipping and air transport.

"Suzhou Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is Samsung, South Korea’s largest white home appliance production base in Korea. Liu Zhigang, deputy general manager of the company, said that because of the special train, it is no longer a" difficulty ".

  Precision to respond to corporate demand, let China-Europe class become a "nutrient line" "affordable line" recognized by the recovery property.

Since the epidemic of the new crown, Suzhou Zhongula class has been fully engaged in its high quality, normalization, and has fully committed shipping, air transport transfer goods, effectively helping the enterprise to protect the market, protect orders, induce, reduce costs, and prevent risk. Following the number of on-line in March, the volume of container, the value of the goods, the year-on-year increase, the Suzhou International Ban Freight Co., Ltd. is also subject to the national logistics work project for the State Council, the national logistics work project is determined to be the first international logistics in the country. Contact company in transportation. Liu Weiyan, deputy director of Suzhou Customs, said that Suzhou Customs will further optimize China-Ou Chan logistics supervision, support independent choice of customs clearance mode, support the customs clearance service system of Haijing transport, and create a customs clearance service system of people’s own business; further compress the overall customs clearance time, support the use of China European class Carry out cross-border e-commerce, email transportation, and create a safe and convenient international trading environment. "We must not only focus on the current security of international freight, but also to improve the China-European class ‘energy level’." Chen Jianbin, the party committee of Suzhou New City Investment Development Co., Ltd., said that Jiangsu (Suzhou) International Railway Logistics opened on the same day The central customs supervision area is to hoping to take a shot of the Sino-European class. It is reported that Jiangsu (Suzhou) International Railway Logistics Center project is jointly established by the municipal government and the National Railway Shanghai Bureau Group. It is Jiangsu Province. The strategic superposition opportunities and build an important platform for new economic new pattern. The total planned area of ??the project is 3331 mu, and the national first-class railway logistics base is the core. It focuses on the construction of 1280 mu of waterway (rail) to the open port, total investment billion yuan, striving to achieve an international container year throughput by 100,000 in 2025 To 150,000 standard containers. The project has been included in the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of Customs, and the Ministry of Transportation in China and European Banli Hub nodes, railway station external open projects, multimodal transport demonstration projects.

As the core of the project, the Customs Supervision Region passed the Nanjing Customs through Nanjing Customs in January this year, and the customs coding registration registration was completed in February. This not only makes up for the gap in the Customs Supervision Regional Supervision Region of Suzhou, which means that Suzhou is open, and the depth is integrated into economic globalization.

  A open international logistics center designed to build a global interconnection and multi-interactive and win-win, is rising on the banks of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. It is reported that the New City Investment Company actively attacked the construction of the Shanghai International Shipping Center, the construction of the company, the normalization operation "Suzhou-Lushu-Yangshan Port" sea rail transport class, opened "Suzhou-Yangshan Port" container river sea direct shipping line And achieve "five custom" operations. Container Port, the container port of 440,000 TEU, has been adopted by experts from Jiangsu Provincial Communications Department. Currently, the project has attracted the attention of world-renowned logistics companies.

  "We will continue to strengthen the function of Jiangsu (Suzhou) International Railway Logistics Center, further expand the strategic channel role of China and Europe, take the initiative to accept the radiation of Shanghai International Shipping Center on the higher level, and fully integrated into the ‘long triangle’ integration The construction of the system, effectively construct a new bridge connected to the ‘Silk Road Economic Belt’ and ’21st Century Sea Silk Road’.

"Chen Jianbin said. (Economic Daily – China Economic Net reporter storm Yuan Yuan correspondence Huang Yihua).