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The rule of law government demonstration creation 3 allows strict norms of fair civilization to become law enforcement

People’s Network Changsha on October 26th, the level of administrative law enforcement is the key link of the construction of the rule of law. In recent years, Changsha City has continuously strengthens supervision measures, and continues to do a good job in the implementation of the "three systems" of the administrative law enforcement, actively create a strict standards of justice, and the people are satisfied as the starting point and the foothold, and the Times of the rule of law is . "Excellence Law Enforcement", let the administrative power are open to transparent "Hello, we are law enforcement officers in the Municipal Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, this is my law enforcement certificate, please present the documents to cooperate with us." Recently, in Changsha car West On the second ring of the West Second Ring Road, a taxi was stopped at the roadside. The law enforcement officers of the Changsha Traffic Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Yuelu Brigade immediately learned the situation and regulates the maintenance market order. Administrative law enforcement documents are the effective identification of administrative law enforcement officers engaged in administrative law enforcement work. Strengthening administrative law enforcement documents, implementing certification, bright card law enforcement, is a necessary means of strict administrative law enforcement team management, regulating administrative law enforcement behavior, ensuring administrative law enforcement agency and personnel exercising power according to law.

Since Changsha City, the "three systems" of the Administrative Law Enforcement, "Waiting", "Logo" has become the necessary procedures in the city’s administrative law enforcement departments to carry out law enforcement work. "Sun now" information about the administrative law enforcement information, so that power is running in the sun, so that fair justice can be seen.

Through public disclosure of law enforcement information, consciously accept the supervision of the masses, so that law enforcement is more transparent.

At present, all administrative law enforcement departments in the city are actively public law enforcement entities and personnel information, law enforcement matters, law enforcement matters, and information, law enforcement procedures, information and results information, and the overall situation of law enforcement data reaching 100%. Wearing the "tightening spell", let the administrative law enforcement more norms in recent years, Changsha City strictly implements the administrative law enforcement in advance, in the middle, afterwards, law enforcement process records and major administrative law enforcement decision legal audit and other systems, administrative law enforcement wear "tightening", Put on "protective clothing".

Recently, the Changsha Cultural Market Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau conducted on-site inspections in a cultural supplies in Yuelu District, found unauthorized publications, evidence according to law, and the law enforcement personnel were recorded. At present, the city’s law enforcement units have fully implemented the full process record of law enforcement paper cases, standardize archiving and management of the case. In the field of market supervision, ecological environment, transportation, etc. On October 11, Changsha City’s 2021 administrative law enforcement case was officially launched, and the evaluation work focused on the key life and hotspots, randomly extracts the case, adopted mutual evasion of municipalities and districts and cities, "Administrative law enforcement business backbone + third parties Professionals "back to back review, focus on public feedback, review, collective research, etc., to ensure objective fairness of the evaluation results. With the development of the Internet, "Internet + Law Enforcement" and "Big Data Application" have become a development trend. In 2020, Changsha City took the lead in implementing the regular reporting system of administrative law enforcement data, and completed the construction of administrative law enforcement integrated management supervision information system (Phase I), effective gathering, monitoring, analyzing law enforcement data, law enforcement supervision gradually by subjective objective, case Transition to the system and blurred.

"Just softness", let the administrative law enforcement more temperature "Thanks to the reminder of law enforcement officers, the current law enforcement method is too humanized, I will strictly strictly abide by laws and regulations." A recent communication line of Ningxiang City Absolute terminology advertisement, in the reminder education of law enforcement officers in the Market Supervision Administration, and this communication line has not been punished.

In order to promote the administrative law enforcement more in line with the actual situation, Ningxiang City issued the "Ningxiang City Market Micro illegal violations (second batch)" . In the law enforcement, fully consider the physical feelings of law enforcement objects, standardize law enforcement words and deeds, promote humanized law enforcement, flexible law enforcement, let the people feel the temperature of the law in rigid law, so that strict regulating justice law enforcement will bring more peace of mind. In response to the public to complain about the KTV night disturbance, Changsha County Administration Law Enforcement Bureau on-site law enforcement team contact third-party testing company testing the KTV noise, and requires the store’s person in charge to rectify its noise disturbances; no environmental protection number for a construction site The brand’s non-road mobile machinery, Changsha City Ecological Environment Bureau ordered the on-site rectification … A series of actions reflect the rule of law requirements, responding to the people’s appeal, and is equipped with fairness and justice, outlined the clear mining of Changsha Construction in the rule of law.

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