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Use the Struggle New Era (observing observation)

  Answer the era topic, you need the majority of labor people to continue the tradition in hard work, and create the future in the struggle.

New era, for the majority of laborers, dreams come true, dreams come to make workers to achieve decent work, comprehensive development, the majority of labor masses can continue to rejuvenate labor enthusiasm, release creative potential, create new performance, brave climbing The new peak is in the three main competitions of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the builder is horses, and the Winter Olympics will organize the sprint; in the manufacturing industry, Guangdong, participate in the skills training, the skill competition is a common style; in many fields and industries, new economic vitality The new profession continues to emerge … labor’s glory is divided into the eyes, the melody of struggle is stunned, and the hot labor scene has become the most beautiful landscape in the wide land. Labor is struggling, and struggle is brilliant.

In the past year, the Century Epidemic and the Cultural Change of Inter Weaving, severe challenges and major difficulties have been co-contained, and the unity of the party and the party of the party and the party of Xi Jinping are united, and struggle to fight hard.

Because there is a strong leader of the Party Central Committee, there are thousands of workers to create, paying hard, we can achieve the major strategic achievements of the anti-vugging struggle, and take the lead in achieving economic growth, and complete the poverty of poverty as scheduled. The target task ensures that the "13th Five-Year Plan" is successful, and the brilliant page in the history of new Chinese is written. This year is the first year of implementing the "14th Five-Year Plan" plan to open a new process of building a new socialist modern country.

Stepping on the new journey, for the new era, the value of labor creation is more high, and the pioneering and innovative character is more important. How to enhance the competitive advantage of manufacturing, promote high quality development in manufacturing? How to improve technological innovation capabilities, crack the "card neck" problem? How to further enhance the "hematopoietic" capability of the poverty reduction area, achieve consolidation and expansion of poverty, effective connection with rural rejuvenation? How to better implement green water Qingshan is the idea of ??Jinshan Yinshan, promoting the overall green transformation of economic and social development? Answer these era topics, need countless sweat, the condense of Zhongzhong, requires the majority of labor people to continue to be tradition in hard work, and create the future in their struggles. New era new journey, for the majority of workers, life, dreams, have provided a vast stage. With struggle for boat, labor is the support of spiritual power. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "The spirit of labor, the spirit of labor, the spirit of craftsmen is the vividness of the national spirit of patriotism as the core and the vividness of the spirit of reform and innovation as the core of the era, is inspiring all the people of all the people of the whole party and the wind and rain, brave progress. Powerful spiritual motivation. "From" Border Workers, "Zhao Zhankui," The Training of the Trade Difficulty "Wu Yuxi, to" blast furnace guard "Meng Tai," Two bounces "Deng Jiaxian, then to" Blue-collar expert "Kong Xiangrui," Gold Welder "Gao Fenglin … look forward to the revolution, building, reform each historical period, there is always some sparkling names being remembered. They are the legend of the field, the hero, and the ordinary workers who are rushing in front line. Give them more respect, carry forward their spirit, pursue their pace, to form respect for labor in the whole society, the good style of labor glorious, will be better to act better, the majority of labor, the enthusiasm, the enthusiasm of the new era, the initiative ,creativity.

  In today’s world, the competition of comprehensive national strength is in the end is the competition of talents, the competition of the quality of the laborer.

We must not only strive to build a high-quality labor army, but also provide full protection for the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

From the implementation of 3 years, 100 billion yuan special funds, the training is not less than 50 million "315 Project", and we must vigorously promote the lifelong vocational skills training system; from the improvement of labor relations coordination mechanism, construct and develop a harmonious labor relationship, to Take a variety of means to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of new professional groups such as selling riders and network processes, a series of policy initiatives, which effectively improved the skills of the laborers, broaden the occupational development space, and further mitigate the worries of workers.

Strive to make workers to achieve decent labor, comprehensive development, the majority of labor masses can continue to rejuvenate labor enthusiasm, release creative potential, create new performance in the great process of China Dream, and bravely climb new peaks.

  Gong Chong Wei Zhi, the industry is exportable.

The "14th Five" blueprint has been painted, and the new journey is already at the foot. For each worker, this is a chance given by history and a stage built in the times. In the respective positions, work hard, hard work, fighting, we can fix new and more powerful strengths to comprehensively build socialist modernization countries, achieving new and greater strengths, and can also achieve emotion in this historical process. Life.

(Editor: Liu Peiran, Chen Mingju).