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Red Archives 丨 from Yan’an Jujube to Beijing Xinhuamen Chairman Mao Mao, I have a heart to mind these five words.

  In 1945, on the eve of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, in order to unite the country’s people to completely defeat Japanese aggressors, establish independent, free, democratic, unified, and strong new China, the party’s seven major in Yan’an was held.Standing on the past and future important turning points, Mao Zedong officially put forward the wholehearted efforts in the seven reports of the party.

  This political report called "On the Joint Government" refers to the people, and the 755 representatives of the meeting have been filled with deep imprints.

Seven of the CCP passed this report and officially wrote wholeheartedly to the party chapter.

The Party Constitution is clearly stated that the Chinese Communists must have the spirit of serving the Chinese people wholeheartedly.

Since then, it has become the fundamental purpose of the Communist Party of China.