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The results of the first county wildlife resource in Zhejiang Province are released in Anji.

  On August 17th, "Affairs of the Survey of Wildlife Resources in Anji County" (hereinafter referred to as "results") was released in Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is the result of the main investigation project of the first county wildlife resources in Zhejiang Province.

The conference site. The Anji County Committee Propaganda Department is a total of 471 species of native wild vertebrates in Anji County, including 8 noodles of the beast, 256 species, 256 species of birds, and 47 species of reptiles 2. 27 species of 2 years of the two, 74 species, 74 species of fish, accounted for 48% of the total number of species.

Among them, there are 11 national primary protection animals, 59 national secondary protected animals are included in the "World Nature Conservation Alliance (IUCN) Endangered species red list" 24 kinds of species, including "China Biodiversity Red Directory" 42 kinds of easy-critical levels, rare endangered animals account for more. "Results" also showed a large number of wild animals in Anji’s distribution record, 91 new counties recorded 91 cases, and 29 new records in Huzhou City, the new record accounts for 23% of the total number of landless wildlife in the county.

National first-class protective animal Chinese autumn sand duck. As the first county in Zhejiang Province completed the county-level investigation, Anji realized technological innovation and breakthrough in this survey. The first time I used 1 × 1 square kilometer gridized hierarchical system sampling method to investigate. Liu Baoliu, Director of Wetland and Wildlife Plant Resource Monitoring Office, Zhejiang Forest Resources Monitoring Center, said: "1km × 1km grid for field surveys compared to traditional 10km × 10km, the survey is greater, the accuracy is higher, the data is more informative, full The county-level unit is refined in the protection and management of wildlife, this is a breakthrough in Aji County. "In addition, the application of large-scale infrared camera visualization equipment can be 24 hours, no interference monitoring , The first to carry out the number of key species groups such as wild pigs, bat special investigation and research and other new technologies and new means of discovery of traditional surveys, and provide the next step in the Zhejiang Forestry Bureau "Zhejiang County Wildlife Survey Technical Regulations" Anji experience and demonstration bottom plate.

Staff set infrared camera in the wild. Anji County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau for Tuaji County Wildlife Resources This survey project was approved in September 2017 and became a pilot of "The Countian Wildlife Resources Survey" Zhejiang Province.

After a year, three years implemented, the first time, the number, quantity, and distribution of wild animals in Anji County were first comprehensively. Survey of Wildlife Resources This investigation is of great significance for promoting the construction of ecological civilization and biodiversity in the county. At present, Anji County has taken the lead in carrying out the comprehensive investigation of wild plants in the province, and will fully find the bottom of the county wild plant resources. "Next, we will carry out the national biological diversity investigation and monitoring pilot, form a technical method of promotion and application, and provide reference for the construction of natural resource surveillance techniques to form a technical method for promotion and application.

"Anji County Resource Planning Bureau Party Secretary, Director Zhang Yi said.

(Zhang Lingzhang 婧 沉 斐 斐)) Editor: Dianyi Festival.