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This Sunday, Shenzhen weather will be clearly turned

Original title: Sunday, Shenzhen weather will clearly turn the latest forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, starting on November 4, there will be a strong cold air to invade my country’s most areas, bringing high wind cooling and rain and snow weather, some parts of the northern part of the northern part can be Up to 10 ° C to 15 ° C.The cold air has a wide range of impacts, and the cooling is severe. The public needs to pay attention to the warmth of the clothes and do a good job of cold and cold measures.

  Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory is expected, on the 2nd Shenzhen city cloudy day, temperature 23 ° C -29 ° C; 3-6 days, roughly cloudy, temperatures come back, the weather is warm, the 5-6th day is light fog; look forward to cold air in the 7th;There is rain in the cloudy day, the north wind is increased, the temperature is lowered, the weather is clearly turned.

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