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The eight departments of the Central Propaganda Department jointly issued a notice request to carry out public classroom learning propaganda work.

Original title: Carry out the Civil Codex Learning Propaganda Work Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, China Recently, the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Organization Department, the Central Political and Legal Committee, Central News Network Office, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee Office, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, National Ministry The Ministry of Pufa offers jointly issued a notice to deploy the "People’s Republic of China Code" learning propaganda work.

  Notice, the Civil Code is the first part of the first part of the "Code" since the founding of New China. It is a major achievement in my country’s socialist rule of law in the new era. It is an important role in the socialist legal system of Chinese characteristics. It is a solid foundation. , Stable expectations, long-term basic laws.

In-depth development of civilian classics and publicity activities in the country, to learn from the general discipline of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the comprehensive discovery of the national law, especially the important instructions of the civil alpic, in-depth learning to promote the importance of the civil code, and learn to promote the Civil code in depth Basic principles and main contents, let the Civil Code go to the masses and enter the masses. The notice requires, to innovate the form of publicity, to create a strong atmosphere of honor, learning, law-abiding, and usage in the whole society.

According to the prevention and control of normalized new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation, combined with the actual department of this region, organize civilian-class publicity and education activities, promote civil-class code, into the country, into the community, enter the school, enter the enterprise, enter the unit, and put the Civil Code Propaganda into various rule of law publicity positions, promoting the daily life of the civil-class integration into the people; vigorously carrying out news propaganda, adhere to the combination of centralized publicity and normalization promotion, organize party newspapers, party journals, radio, television and website, new media Carefully planned, concentrated, launch authoritative interviews, open columns, publish series comment speech and theoretical articles; actively carry out network propaganda, relying on various websites, Weibo, WeChat, mobile clients, etc. Modern communication platform, passwords, pictures, Flexible and vivid online propaganda, carefully creating civil code network culture products, organizing network lectures, interviews, online exhibitions, etc., enhances the attraction and appeal of civil code publicity; to do a good job in publicity and education of key groups, and put civil law Candle in the leading cadre learning method, as the important content of the leading cadres, the civil code is included in the national education system, and the contents of the civil code in the rule of law education in large and medium-sized primary schools are proportional; strengthen the theoretical research interpretation, write adaptation base The masses accept customary theory readings; effectively strengthen practice guidance, implement "who is law enforcement, who is the law" law, put the civil code to integrate into the whole process of the rule of law practice, promote judges, prosecutors, administrative law enforcement officers, lawyers The system allows people to solve the problem in the problem of learning civil code, and quickly set off the boom of civilian classics to learn publicity and education. The notice emphasizes that all regions have to organize the civil class learning and publicity activities, we must adhere to the correct political direction and public opinion orientation, and guide the people to deeply understand the major achievements of my country’s rule of law, and strictly streecly walk the confidence in the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. determination.

Seriously implement national staff learning methods, news media and Internet public welfare law and other systems, strengthen work supervision and inspection, and promote the in-depth development of civilian classics. Launch the distribution, the objective propaganda, pay attention to the participation of the masses to participate in interaction, and enhance the targeted effectiveness of learning promotion.

  "People’s Daily" (July 14, 2020) (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing).