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Bank of China Tianjin Branch fully implements deepening customs tax guarantee reform

On December 1, the Customs Directive on Deepening the Announcement of Customs Tax Guarantees, in order to fully implement reform measures, the Bank of China Tianjin Branch’s vigorous guidance and support in Tianjin Customs, successfully completed on the first day The record of the new customs tax guarantee guarantee letter is actually facilitating the company’s convenience, effectively reducing corporate guarantee costs and enhances customs clearance efficiency. This customs tax guarantee new model, integrated the original summary tax, tax period and taxation festival guarantee guarantee guarantee, further enhanced trade convenience level, better service needs Enterprise: First, achieve a letter of customs clearance . The guarantee of the previous enterprise is only used in the guarantee business, and the reform landing, the company can guarantee the tax guarantee in the customs clearance business of all ports across the country, and you can use a guarantee letter to truly implement a letter of guarantee.

Second, a guarantee business is implemented in a guarantee business of guarantee of customs clearance. In the past, the company’s different guarantee business needs to open different types of guarantees. Different types of guarantees are not universal, and in the future, the company submits a guarantee letter, summarizing the taxation, taxation elements, etc. can be fully guaranteed It greatly simplifies the frequency of enterprises and reduces guarantee costs.

Third, realize the registration of customs filation, customs clearance in different places. Enterprises don’t need to submit the guarantee to the customs clearance, just to record a letter of guarantee in the enterprise to register, you can realize allland. Fourth, realize the data run, the company is convenient. The scope of guarantee bank with the customs network is expanded. The company only needs to apply for a letter to the bank. Once the bank approval guarantee, the bank can transfer the letter to the customs to the customs, realize the online filing, online nuclear approval guarantee business, Online nuclear buckle guarantee quota, scrolling online use guarantee amount.

Next, the Bank of China Tianjin Branch will continue to cooperate with the advancement of the reform work, and give a letter of payment, and save the cost of enterprises, effectively serve the cost of enterprises, and effectively serve the company’s funding costs. (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Wang Hao) Sharing let more people see.