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Chinese Meteorological Bureau experts explained in detail of heavy rain in Shanxi

Original title: China Meteorological Bureau experts interpret Shanxi Tourism National Day, most areas of Shanxi have extremely strong precipitation weather, triggering mountain flood and geological disasters, some rivers have dangerous, flood prevention pressure. How big is Shanxi? Why sudden suddenly rain in October? What are the characteristics of this round of heavy rains? What are you pay attention to? On October 9, the Chinese Meteorological Bureau experts told reporters that the rainfall process has the characteristics of a total rainfall, long duration, high-end outstanding, and the pre-process precipitation accompanied by lightning and strong convective weather. The late temperature declined and continued to fall. Continue to pay attention to preventing its adverse effects.

  Why Shanxi suddenly scormed the China Meteorological Bureau experts said that there is three main points for this strong precipitation: First, the atmospheric circulation situation is stable. After an abnormal Western Pacific subtropical high-pressure first-western stretch, it stably maintains in the Huanghuai area, and the Western wind band low-value system in Shanxi forms a stable East Western low cyclic situation, which is conducive to the long-term precipitation weather in Shanxi.

Second, the water vapor conditions are abundant. The south airflow and low-rise southwestern rush to the west side of the sub-tropical high-pressure southwest of the South China Sea and the southwest are continuously transported to the southwest China, and there is a sustained precipitation for Shanxi Province. Source. Finally, the low-level lifting conditions remain long.

Under a stable weather situation, the low-level cut line irradiation system for a long time and precipitation echo repeatedly passed through Shanxi, overlapping Shanxi Lu Liangshan, Taihang Mountain complex terrain on the precipitation of the exterior gas flow, leading to extremes in the central part of Shanxi and Linyi North The emergence of strong precipitation.

  What is the characteristics and influence of this heavy rain, and the rainstorm in Shanxi is large. At 8:00 to 7, October 2, the average precipitation volume of Shanxi Province was millimeters, and the average precipitation of Taiyuan City had 18 counties (city, district) precipitation more than 200 mm, 51 counties (city, District) The precipitation is between 100 and 200 mm, and the cumulative precipitation is up to mm.

  Second, the rainstorm duration is long. Starting from 23 o’clock on October 2, the precipitation lasts for 4 days. At 23 o’clock on the 6th, the strongest precipitation period appeared on the 4th to 5th, and the central Shanxi had a regional heavy rain in two consecutive days.

  Third, the precipitation is extremely highlighted.

The province’s 59 National Meteorological Observation Station, the daily precipitation exceeded the history of the same period, and the total precipitation of 63 Meteorological Observatory Process exceeded the historical extreme value of the same period.

  Finally, the rainstorm in Shanxi is also accompanied by lightning, strong abundance and cooling. The precipitation in the pre-precision process has a lightning, and there is a short-term powerful precipitation of 20 to 30 mm in the local excessive precipitation. The precipitation in the late 4th to 6th is maintained by the stability precipitation of 10 mm below the hourly precipitation. And the temperature dropped and continued to fall, and the average temperature decreased by 8 ° C ~ 10 ° C in most parts of Shanxi. (Reporter Yuan Yufei) (Editor: Cui Yuanyuan, Yang Di) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.