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Construction Bank "CCB Life" officially opened in the province of Jilin Province

On November 9, China Construction Bank "CCB Life" officially opened in the province of Jilin. "CCB Life" is the topic of "Ji ‘to enjoy the" Ruyi ", through the" CCB Life "App sets food, takeaway, recharge, taxi, movie performance, payment, CCB Life Hall, etc., and provide credit card, Financial services such as wallets, also launched exclusive digital credit cards – CCB, CCB, automatic binding of CCB wallet usage, meet users "即, ie, use, enjoious offer" needs.

It is reported that the current "CCB Life" platform has exceeded 150,000, and it has exceeded 1,000 households, focusing on five local characteristic scenes such as catering, commercial super, travel, ice and snow, and automobile consumption.

With the "CCB Life" App Opens City in the province, it is believed that the future construction bank will bring more benefits and better services to the people of Jilin Province and merchants.

For all, construction banks participate in national major construction, support the entity economy, with financial assistance of strong countries. At the same time, it is also committed to leading the water of the people to the people’s livelihood, and "the people ‘s yearning" is the goal of struggle. The "CCB Life" app is a one-stop life scene service platform that provides financial services in Internet models, and is also the integrity of the construction banks to apply financial technology into practice, and embedding financial services. "CCB Life" is different. It is a practical platform for building banks. The purpose is not to obtain the profit of the platform, but through the construction of the ecological scene, extend the financial service tentacles, open the service breakpoint, so that customers will be in the consumption scene. Enjoy a comprehensive financial service. After the "CCB Life" App Jilin Province opened in the city, the CCB Jilin Branch will continue to adhere to the people-oriented new financial concept, based on the construction of the Internet platform, adhere to the user’s perspective, grassroots position, and promote new financial practice. (Editor: Zhang Shu, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.