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Can the summer vacation go out? Zhang Wenhong puts forward safety protection suggestions

People’s Network Beijing July 27 (Dong Tong) At present, domestic epidemic prevention and control has entered the normalization stage, and Beijing has just experienced the blocker war against the new development of the epidemic, and has achieved certain results. Recently, Zhang Wenhong, a leader of Shanghai Xinguan Pneumonia Clinical Treatment, Public Health Experts, is a new media of the People’s Daily, and the candidates and parents who have just ended the college entrance examination have put forward related protection. suggestion. Zhang Wenhong said that for candidates, college entrance examination is an important thing in life.

During this time after the end of the college entrance examination, it is also the happiest time of the candidate, but everyone must pay attention to safety when they go out.

"In the case where my country’s epidemic is basically clear, the risk of infection with neoguanpneumitis is low, and greater risks come from other risks, such as traffic such as transportation, pay attention to safety issues." Zhang Wenhong said, must clearly Recognizing that the new crown epidemic now has not ended. Everyone should continue to maintain a good personal hygiene habit, including wearing masks while gathering, wash hands, and keep the duration. After doing these protective measures, even in the journey encounters some infected people, the risk of infection will be minimized. Zhang Wenhong said that I hope that candidates can spend a relaxed summer vacation and get good results.