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Corps public medical institutions pharmaceuticals to online purchases

  Corps Daily News (Reporter Zheng Yali reports) reporter from the Corps medical care Bureau, for the strict implementation of centralized procurement requirements of public medical institutions drug, a few days ago, the Corps issued the "Notice on centralized drug procurement hanging net" (hereinafter "notice"), a clear Corps public medical institutions through the use of drugs are drugs and medical consumables Corps bidding procurement management platform. In addition to the countries negotiating with the amount of purchase and drugs, medicines and medical consumables Corps bidding management platform has 20,229 drugs linked network.

  "Notice" that broaden the scope of access to medicines, the drug regulatory approval of the marketing authorization holder, marketing authorization holders commissioned by pharmaceutical manufacturers and producers of imported drugs treated as national distributor and co compliant products, can apply for access to medicines linked network and dynamically adjusted. "Notice" strict requirements of the centralized drug procurement.

According to basic, clinical principles of insurance, pharmaceutical online purchases to meet the range of needs-based drug treatment, marketed in our country all drugs can be included.

Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, prevention and treatment of infectious and parasitic diseases of free medication, the national immunization program vaccine, medicinal toxic drugs, radioactive drugs, birth control drugs and traditional Chinese medicine Pieces, procurement according to existing regulations and the State Corps, temporarily into hanging network range.

  According to the formation mechanism of drug prices, divided into direct procurement, procurement of bargaining, the record procurement of three.

When national organizations focused with the amount of drug procurement, negotiation procurement of medicines, the Corps to participate in focus with the amount of inter-provincial Union procurement of medicines, corps organization focused with a volume of procurement of drugs and other corps health insurance sector by selected results (price negotiations) were hanging, medical institutions purchase no bargaining; clinically necessary, not hanging or hanging on drugs can not substitute medicines, medical institutions can be purchased in accordance with the first record, who for the record who purchases, where the record of procurement principles will, in the Corps of drugs and medical consumables bidding management platform proposed purchase requisitions for the record, into the focus of the monitoring range.