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Changchun City 2nd District: Building a new industrial agglomeration area to create kinetic energy conversion "ridge belt"

  Advanced manufacturing industrial park. The development of high-tech industries is the trend of today’s era. The new industry represents the current and future of industrial development.

In the report of the sixth party congress in the second road, the flag is clearly proposed to extend the industrial chain, improve the value chain direction, promote advanced manufacturing, new materials, new technology "three clusters" improvement and efficiency, and build a new industrial agglomeration The district, creating kinetic energy conversion "ridge belt". As the geometric center in the eastern region of Changchun City, the second road has a solid foreign economy. In the future, it will fully integrate the global construction of Changchun City. With technology transfer, a high-end industry has created favorable conditions to create an industrial "micro center" with an international level.

  Changchun International Logistics Economic Development Zone is an advanced manufacturing industrial park in the provincial economic development zone. The new material industrial park has jointly formed two new industries to high-end development, in the industrial development, project construction, and level Land integration, land storage, etc. is even more unique policy guarantee advantage. Be a large new industrial collection area, do strong priority to manufacturing, new materials, new technology "three clusters", and create kinetic energy to "ridge band", it is imperative. With "intellectual" as the core, Jule Development Advanced Manufacturing Industry Cluster is the main carrier in logistics development zone, and the advanced manufacturing industry such as high-end equipment and new energy auto parts will improve the whole industry chain level, and create Advanced manufacturing industry cluster.

Strive to 2025 years, the annual output value exceeded 4 billion yuan. Create rail transit and intelligent equipment industrial park. Actively integrated into the construction of modern railway transportation equipment industry base in Changchun City, building a technology research and development center, building digital industrial research, learning, communication, trading platform, supporting leading enterprises, attracting small and medium enterprises agglomeration, and shaping industrial chain. Improve the industrial infrastructure of intelligent manufacturing industrial parks to develop intelligent logistics equipment, research and development of upstream software and hardware core products, expand downstream application scenarios.

Cultivate intelligent logistics system integrators and improve design and construction logistics system. Focus on building industrial chain supporting and promote the development of the instrument industry chain.

Guide to the home-based home service ecological chain, and improve the intelligent home ecological industry chain with the Internet of home services.

  Create a new energy car equipment industrial park. Reort Olet, cultivate new energy batteries and related supporting industries, focus on R & D and charging, power-on equipment, and build automotive supporting parts industrial clusters. Strengthen key technical research, supplement the core short board in the industrial chain, improve supply capabilities and supply quality.

Actively participate in the layout of trillion car after-sales, leading the development of high-end automobile after-sales market, and enhance industrial flow efficiency. At the same time, we will develop the ice and snow sports equipment manufacturing industry around the province, the city’s ice and snow travel strategy, and the ice and snow industry chain is completed. Breakthrough with "quantity", focus on the development of the new materials industry cluster, the advanced building materials industry, promote the "empowerment upgrade" of the relevant industries, build new materials industry chain and industrial clusters.

Mainly grow new building materials industry, cultivate high-end metal industries, and strive to 2025, the annual output value is more than 4 billion yuan. Be a strong advanced building materials industry. With the new material industrial park as a platform, relying on the leading capacity of leading enterprises such as Penglin Technology, actively develop non-clay type materials for light, high, insulated insulation.

Playing the industry has both advantages, driving advanced petrochemical materials, advanced light industry materials, high-performance fibers, etc. More divided into the field leader aggregation, and the industrial chain. Ripe enterprises such as Yatai building materials, build a full-process service service of assembled new building materials "R & D, production, transportation, installation, sales, maintenance, recycling" to create a green circular economy demonstration park.

  Cultivate high-end metal industries. Enterprises with vigorously introduce graphene products and improve new energy vehicle power system effectiveness, expand the application of coating applications, focus on developing graphene purification batch preparation equipment, driving laboratory outcomes to mass production. Introducing lightweight alloy, high-strength steel, composite materials, new generation of biomedical materials, display materials, etc., continuously improve the total number of new materials clusters.

  With the "core" as the power, cultivate development new technology industrial clusters into Changchun National Regional Innovation Center construction, two districts actively promote the development of IT, automotive core and biomedicine industry, differentiation introduction of integrated circuit chips, biological vaccine and stem cell therapy equipment Production enterprises, build new technology industrial clusters.

Promote high-tech enterprises such as the new technology industry and the Internet of Things, big data, block chains, and artificial intelligence to achieve docking, strive to 2025, with an annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan. Vigorously develop biopharmaceutical industries.

In the industry’s well-known biomedical enterprises, the company promotes project investment construction, builds biomedicine production bases, output centers, full life cycle databases and large health industry medical service platforms. Give full play to the leading role of well-known enterprises to attract relevant industrial agglomerations. Actively docked well-known enterprises and research institutions in the biomedical industry, and strive to strive to strive to strengthen the biological pharmaceutical industry in China, promote the bio-technology industry, and cultivate more representative bio-pharmaceutical industries. Actively develop IT industry. Key to the advanced manufacturing, new materials, integrate the three major industrial parks, actively introduce relevant soft, hardware and chip development, manufacturing enterprises, cultivate the intelligent technology accelerator of the upstream product supporting project, build production, learning, and research, strive to form people Face recognition technology products and Internet of Things applications have a popular scientific and technological information.

Track IT development trends, achieve industrialization, scale development, and establish a new generation of information technology industry chains.

Develop industrial Internet related industries, create data enable platforms on cloud network integration infrastructure facing Changchun, and even Jilin Province, promote comprehensive digital manufacturing production process in the region, in order to provide an orderly, neutrality in the entire region, manufacturing High quality data open platform for security and open. At the same time, with the "digital two" as the lead, relying on urban intelligent construction, accelerate the introduction of national and provincial, municipal pension, building materials, ecology, education "cloud center", and cultivate new growth points. Taking "Effect" as the key, accurate and strongly grasp the elements guarantees to create innovative highland as the core task to ensure advanced manufacturing, new materials, new technology cluster development model as the main goal, and support the development of production services. Promoting the coordinated development of urban agriculture and the net moon and Lianhua Mountain Area, and the extension of the land resources. Give full play to the efficacy of industrial parks.

Relying on advanced manufacturing industrial parks and new materials industrial parks, mitigate enterprises’ pre-capital investment, help companies use more funds to purchase equipment and technology research and development, and the industrial park maximizes the agglomeration effect, promoting all kinds of production factors, and ensure public public Resource intensive use. Relying on the construction of Changchun National Regional Innovation Center, promoting innovative service functional spillout, make full use of the backward production capacity and inefficiencal space of the logistics park. Develop a production service industry. Promote the organic integration and interaction development of new industrial and production services, and play a support of the new industrial industry.

The introduction, the type of cultivation is more diversified, the technical and service is higher, and the main body of the traditional industrial transformation and innovation is advised to promote the rapid expansion of the total production service industry, realize the mutual help of industry and service industries.

  I have seen the bustling fruit, and the new chapter of the critical spectrum.

Based on the new starting point, the high-quality development flag, two roads build "segment leading, clustering" industrial system, build "supply efficient, safe toughness" industrial chain, building "functional composite, management efficiency" Industrial parks will will continue to write glory in the old industrial base of Changchun Dongcheng. This industrial fertile basil will have a more fresh industrial force.

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