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On Dao Week opens!Top Chinese and foreign dramatists gather to discuss the character of good drama

“On Dao Week” opens!Top Chinese and foreign dramatists gather to discuss “the character of good drama”
On December 3rd, the first World Good Drama · Chinese Audience Theory Week co-sponsored by Poly, Yanghua Drama, Sauna Night Net, Beijing Normal University and the Montpellier European “Actor’s Spring” Drama Festival officially opened.The current Daoist Week starts from December 3 to 6, 2019 at the Kuntai Jiarui Cultural Center in Beijing and Beijing Normal University Antiques, and discusses the topic of dramatic industry development in the three directions of “attitude, depth, temperature”.A total of 7 large-scale theme events.At the opening ceremony, Jiang Yingchun, general manager of Poly Culture Group Co., Ltd., Song Ganshu, president of Sauna Nights, Li Xuemin, director of Beijing Dongdu Culture and Tourism Bureau, chairman of the Film and Television Society of China ‘s colleges and universities, “Changjiang Scholar” of the Ministry of EducationSpecially-appointed professor, Hu Zhifeng, Dean of the School of Arts and Media, Beijing Normal University, Xu Xiuling, Director of Beijing Literature and Art Broadcasting Station, Anna Yis Martin, Secretary-General of Poly Yanghua International Drama Exhibition Season Project, and others attended and attended from theater operators, drama communicationDifferent perspectives of writers, drama educators and drama creators have raised expectations for this Daozhou week.Moderators Zhang Yue, Wang Keran, Jiang Yingchun, Jean Varela, Anna Yisi Ma Tian, Li Xuemin, Xu Xiuling, Hu Zhifeng, Song Ganshu (from left to right) jointly launched the “World Good Show · Chinese Audience Theory Week”activity.One of the five sponsors of Fuyu Photography, Song Ganshu, president of Sauna Yee, said at the opening ceremony, “The most fascinating part of the drama is the ability to achieve spiritual resonance with the audience of the current era. The most valuable thing about Daozhou Zhou is that it is broken.The limitation of the circle layer is open to the society, the general public, and ordinary audiences, and the space for discussion and participation is hoped. This forum event can really bring part of the outside world together, and let us think about the current situation, occurrence and future of Chinese drama together.”It is reported that in addition to in-depth discussions on the most acute issues of drama and the initiation of young drama creation talent incubation projects, this year’s Daozhou Week released a pioneering cooperation between the Chinese drama field and international drama-Beijing Poly and Yanghua Drama will be inThe argument was announced on the last day of Dow Week, Poly Yanghua ‘s 2020 International Drama Show Season Project.At that time, a number of works representing the world’s top standards, as well as Poly and Yanghua will work together with the world’s top drama directors, and many works produced by the International Theatre Festival will be announced on December 6.In the first dialogue after the opening ceremony, Chinese and foreign guests asked, “Where is the good show?”Started a discussion.Opening scene: Entering the “World’s Good Show · Chinese Audience”, which connects creators and audiences. The guest director Zhou Dao is composed of France, Spain, Israel, Lithuania and other European top theater festival chairmen, theater deans, theater directors, actors and other artists.At the opening ceremony of the “Poly Yanghua China-Europe Theatre Performance Artist Consultant and the Appointment Ceremony of the Yanghua Drama Art Advisory Group”, Jiang Yingchun, the general manager of Poly Culture Group Co., Ltd., and Wang Keran, the chief producer of the Yanghua Drama, presented to France together.Montpellier Actors Spring Theatre Festival Chairman Jean Varela, European director, French National People ‘s Theatre Dean Jean Bellorini, French director Eric La Cascade, Lithuanian National Kaunas TheaterDean, Lithuanian drama, film director Egidius Stinchkas, artistic director of the Catalonia La Perla 29 Theatre Company, producer Auriol Brogi, director and screenwriter of Hong Kong, ChinaThe actor Situ Huizhuo, the general manager of the Carmel Theatre in Tel Aviv, Israel, seven artists created the letter of appointment. They will cooperate fully with the Poly Theatre and the Yanghua Theatre to continue the drama creation and bring these plays toEuropean theatre festivals and theatres, at the same time, jointly train young Chinese theatre talents and develop drama education.At the same time, these 7 artists will also participate in the theme forums of this year’s Lun Dao Wednesday, focusing on “Spring of Drama-Where is the good drama?””,” Drama and Juvenile-Discussion on the Direction of National Drama Education “,” Drama Influence Dialogue “started.Appointment ceremony of Poly Central China Central Europe Theatre Performance Artist Consultant and Central China Theatre Arts Advisory Group.Sauna, Ye Wang Guo Yanbing is also one of the organizers of this world good show · Chinese audience theory week, Dean of the School of Arts and Media of Beijing Normal University, professor and doctoral tutor Hu Zhifeng pointed out at the opening ceremony, “This event的关键词是好戏,我觉得中外的好戏都离不开一个字‘情’,这个‘情’用中文来说有三个含义,一是情怀,二是情结,三是情感,戏剧带给我们最大的魅力都在这里,我们‘论道周’表达的不仅是对戏剧内部结构形态的一种展现和探究,也包含对它推动戏剧外在力量的一种关注,这是我们做中国观众On a very important motive of Daozhou.On the planner of Daozhou Week, Wang Keran, chief producer of Yanghua Theatre, said, “We have reached a consensus with the major organizers: the vitality of the drama must be the creator of the drama, the creator is the producer of the drama, only theyIn order to resonate with the soul of the theater audience, this is also the source of the vitality of the theater.In this Daoist Week, we spent 4 days intensively planning so many activities, all for the current drama audience, as well as audiences other than them. Its professionalism is to explore the relationship between drama and the lives of ordinary people.Where should they be brought to the end.This is not the humbleness of the drama industry, not the glory of the drama itself.”Conversational view: The standard of good drama is” to remember “sauna, night net Guo Yanbing She Jean Varela (Chairman of the Montpellier Actor Spring Drama Festival): In fact, it is difficult for me to judge drama with good or bad, especiallyThere are some artistic dramas, which are not necessarily very successful works, but for a long time, it will stay in the minds and hearts of the audience and let the audience keep asking questions.If we want to have a very good artistic drama, we need to carry the hands of the audience every day, let them participate, face the risks we face every day, learn the spirit of adventure together, so that both sides have great curiosityHeart, because only in this way can we better create, can penetrate into the uninhabited land that is completely unknown, and perform better on the stage.Sauna, night net photo by Guo Yanbing Ejidius Stinchkas (Director of Lithuanian National Kaunas Theater): I think good drama is that it allows you to continue to think after watching the drama, in the theaterYou may not think a lot in it, but after a few days or even many months, you still think “what does that drama bring us”?This is what I think a good drama should have.Sauna, night net photo by Guo Yanbing Eric La Cascade (French drama director): Artistic drama is a drama related to survival and related to our organic life.We should keep asking what is life and what is the meaning of life, and constantly seeking the true meaning of life.We will deliver a kind of energy, this energy comes from the ancestors and from the society we live in. We are in these energies and are its transmitters.To create a good work, the most important thing is that the actors and the audience work together.Sauna, Ye Wang Guo Yanbing She Situ Huizhuo (director, writer, Hong Kong, China): The dramatist Brecht once said, “The theater is not inside the theater, the theater should be outside the theater.”A good show should have a penetrating power, it can hit you and penetrate your entire process of watching the show.You see that the lines that a script may write are very beautiful and very good, but your performance has a penetrating power that penetrates the appearance of the characters’ behavior. This is a good show. You can penetrate some laws of the world and finally arrive perfectlyHearts.Fuyu She Zhang Liang (Actor): A good show must be able to establish a spiritual and spiritual communication with the audience.Another point is that the good show is that after the audience is gone, the audience can be on the road, at home, and even after 10 days, they will review the script and characters.I don’t really want a drama to directly tell the audience right and wrong, joy and sorrow through stories, performance means, because the true right and wrong are relative, so the audience must understand it according to their subjective consciousness.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni proofreading Yang Xuli