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“no problem,Die with a gentleman。”

Wu Fang took a sip of wine,Suddenly staring at Li Tianchou intently,It’s like finding a new world on the opponent’s face,A long speech,“What else,Just say it nicely?I think brother, your forehead is evil,Did you run into someone who didn’t open your eyes again??”
Li Tianchou was secretly surprised,Secretly begging Wu Fang, this guy actually looks at his face,This meticulous observation alone has some foundation。He threw a cigarette to the opponent,Don’t plan to hide anything,But I don’t want Wu Fang to participate。It is enough to provide some valuable information。So I recounted the causes and consequences of the conflict between Yuxing and Wang Fan,“I didn’t expect Yuxing’s development to be so difficult,But want to kick us out of Fukuyama,No doors,A big deal。”
“Bold!”Wu Fang held out his thumb,The eyes are shining with excitement,“This is like a brother’s character,If you need my help, just speak up。Paralyzed,A drug dealer is arrogant。”
Li Tianchou shook his head,“Take care of Wu brother,Only Yuan Hua can help collect some oldAInformation,Of course the more detailed the better。I’ll do it myself。”
“He’s not good at this。”Wu Fang’s hand swings straight,“But someone in my hand does this,Oh shit,Take this oldAStripped it to you。Hey,Brother, I have a ruthless please,You see my hands are itchy,Can I accompany you to play as an individual,Absolutely no additional conditions,What do you think?”
Li Tianchou is a little embarrassed,You can’t always let outsiders intervene in Yuxing’s affairs,Although it is compelling,But also feel awkward。He naturally trusts Wu Fang,But last time I met Zhang Zhiqiang,Almost took the opponent’s life in,Always have lingering fears,“Uh,Brother Wu’s help made me feel uneasy。Anyway this time……”
“Stop,What the hell?”Wu Fang stared at Li Tianchou and interrupted Li Tianchou,“Limited participation is always okay?Get rid of the immense merit of drug dealers,You always score me a little bit, don’t you?Even if it’s thanks to me the first two times。All right,All right,That `s a deal。Come,Whole mouthful。”
Wu Fang raised the wine bottle involuntarily,A neck,A few mouthfuls,At least a quarter is missing in the bottle。Li Tianchou is helpless,I had no choice but to accompany him to drink a big sip。It’s a great thing to have such a powerful help from Wu Fang,But he always can’t help but think of the so-called conscription that the other party mentioned,It seems that the reason this guy wants to get involved is not as simple as itchy hands。
In a while,The wine bottles in both hands are empty。Just opened the second bottle,Zhu Lei is back,I found the small private room directly,Maybe because of something urgent,So I greeted in a hurry but didn’t leave,“Headed,Lao Wu。”
“Oh,Old wish。Just come,Sit down and have a drink,The two of us mean to blow the ball。”Wu Fang stood up very enthusiastically,A hand is already on Zhu Lei’s shoulder。
Zhu Lei peeked at Li Tianchou,Li Tianchou knew that the other party had something important to say,Just now and Wu Fang sighed openly,So there is nothing to worry about,So nodded,“eat something,Sit down and drink together。”
Wu Fang personally added a pair of tableware to Zhu Lei,Coaxed out the waiter who just came in,He happily took a bottle of wine and put it next to Zhu Lei,I sat down satisfied。
Zhu Lei repeated his thanks,Hurry up and eat a few bites,Only then took the bottle to Wu Fang。