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The guards listened to Lin Tianfu’s words,Originally planned to give up the wishful escort request。

after all,As Lin Tianfu said,Qingfeng Village is not easy to mess with。
but now,Wan Ruyi offered fifty middle-grade Qi Gathering Pills with a generous reward。
This generous reward,Make Lin Tianfu’s heart moved。
Death for money,Birds die for food! Best quotes! Qingfeng Village is terrible。
But for fifty middle-grade Qi Gathering Pills,It’s still worth taking a risk。
But Lin Tianfu still looked at Chen Xiu,After all, Chen Xiu is the main combat power,If it wasn’t for Chen Xiu,Lin Tianfu himself did not have 50% confidence in the first half of the first half of the innate realm master and retired.。
“Brother Chen,Your opinion is……” Originally ridiculed after fighting with Xu Wei, I also knew the terrible half of the innate masters,If it weren’t for the mysterious little sword assist,I may not be Xu Wei’s opponent。
But Lin Tianfu told himself many things about the prehistoric continent along the way,Take care of yourself a lot,See him already,Thought in mind:“Pay him back。”
Chen Xiu is looking directly at Wan Ruyi,Both hands:“One hundred middle grade Qi Gathering Pill!”
“One hundred middle grade Qi Gathering Pill!”
A maid beside Wan Ruyi screamed:“Asking a half-step innate master to escort the car is just one hundred middle-grade Qi Gathering Pills.,Why do you want this price!”
“For nothing,You can refuse。”
Chen Xiu stared at her with a cold smile:“If not me,Your young lady is already the wife of Qingfeng Village,As for you……Hehe……A pair of jade arm pillows,Half a vermilion lips!”
Lin Tianfu, they laughed。
That maid understood the term Madam Yazhai,As for“Thousand people pillow”、“Thousands of people taste”But it’s unclear,Looking at everyone blanklyilaughing out loud,Another maid came and said that there was a drizzle in her ears,A face suddenly blushed,Facing Chen Xiu Shendao:“Shameless!”