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first set,Second,Third part,Fourth……I saw ten pieces in a connection.,Yu Wen’s face,Helpy smile,Throw this ten pieces into the bamboo basket of the waste paper。

“really,Don’t look at these people say what is right.,Fortunately, I didn’t listen to them.。”
These memories are all unreliable content,Some people say that they want to talk to the country.,Two countries and chemical dry colors are jade。Others say that Yu Wen is a pro-friend,What is the shame。
And don’t say these ideas,That is operability,They all have not considered。One sentence,It’s there to say the empty talk.。
However,Why do these people want to write this??There are many things that are worth thinking about this.。
in this way“Weak”Proposal,Obviously, it is an old mock that is out of the official aura for many years.。These people are doing things,But it is“D”The general nonsense。
That is, the legendary“Milling”。I wrote something.,My mind me.,How do you deal with,That is your business,Nothing to do with me,Anyway,Make arrangements for specific people will not be me。
We all say,You can not blame me blame right?The country now has mingled the point,I’m Monkey worship phase,How can you comparable to those cronies?
One time,Yuwen Yong did not think a lot of the words written on the memorial。Yang Jian, said the thought of those,I could not help but deep that。
Jie ministers retreat,Wei, who is Xiaokuan,It is also something that can not get out,He did not retreat alone Yuwen Yong。Chang’an city more talent,Is the people writing these memorials inside,They may not all are as memorials in the text generally incompetent。
But these“smart people”,I do not want to contribute their own Bale。Otherwise the future high Bo Yi Chang future break,These memorials seized,For some people“One by one roll call”,It estimated that many people will die miserable。
Even if these people a good idea,Yuwen Yong will not use,Dare use,Also two say。Yuwen Yong will be worried because these people will copy a memorial to those who go to high Bo Yi Qi look。
Hedge,It is human nature。
“correct,You sent envoys to the Turks called。I say there is great urgency to find things they。”
Since Ashina zhuz with Yuwen Yong great marriage,Turks“SongQin group”,Resident in Chang’an down,Contact the communication that will。
certainly,These people are also giving A Shizuz,It can be said that the wooden pole can be sweat in a nail in Chang’an.。And Yu Wenzhao does not dare to oppose this。
He now,Can’t enter the palace of the Queen!This emperor has to be more wroth.。
“Bamboo,Slave is going to do。”The toughest quietly sang the royal family。
Yu Wenxi looked at his back,Long Shu。
It is plagued by Qi State.,Striped people,Amina Jade brings yourself,Simply fuss!But how is it??
Let’s attack the army’s offensive.,Life in the world,Always look forward。Looking for death and self-discovery,It is the so-called weakness and coward.,Really warrior,Dare to face a bleak life and dripping blood。
Warm and unstruthful sunlight,People only imagine the same thing in the afternoon,In the windowsill。But the will of Yusheng City,But I feel a burst of chicken skin.,There is also a scalp。
Qi Jun sent a strong big man,No armor,No weapon,Holding a big paper,Read Qi Jun under Yushu City“policy”。
Content is not particularly,But the amount of information is big amazing.!
“People who don’t understand our army policy,Can come to our army to explore。Hereby,Wholly。”
The southless strong big man will take the horse,Unhaded,Very calm。Yushu City’s bow,Bow arrow has long been,I watched the other party left.,No response。
Xin Dynasty saw it standing in the city,Hand holding a female wall,Wei Xiaoxi, who is not talking to the distance,I want to speak several times.,Hard to stand hard。
“Order,Fusible today’s dinner,Open room,All the tamper is taking a bath。”Wei Xiao’s faceless face has a military order that can’t understand the Xin Dynasty.。
Greenhouse,It is an ancient Chinese bathhouse。Like Yusheng City, this place,The mandate of the gods can’t go home for a long time.,If you have been taking a bath,It’s easy to appear like this.,For example, the spread of plague。therefore,This large military fortress,In fact, there are a bathhouse.。
Just usually not open at all,There is neither hot water,There is no cold water,Even people who have been careless。
What is Xindao still want to say?,But I saw Wei Xia widen to sway.:“Pass the military order,This is later。”
His face is looked at“River”Broken city,Deepness。
Just Xin Dynasty feels that Wei Xia is very pulled back,It seems to be a point,Transversely improving exhaustion,I don’t know if it is my illusion.。
Starting from afternoon,Yushu City defended the army to start with 100 people,Rotate into the greenhouse toilet,This is absolutely calculated“luxury”Behavior。certainly,Just rushing with hot water.,I want to take a bath is dreaming.。
Wei Xiaoyuan and Xin Dynasty have not arrived at the scene.,They came to Yushu City’s city owner,It is also a building in the highest in the city.,Discuss the countermeasures here。
“Ending geese,Today, I was gumped in geese.。”
Wei Xiaowei Station is looking away from the window of the study,Back to the Xin Duan。