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at this time,I saw a touch of interest.、Obviously the master master,Middle-aged people who have sticker five willows,come over。

There is a beautiful woman who has a premium.,After the body, it is a three or five men and women.,One of the 189 years old,Two people are very close to the couple。
“Ah,Yue brother, this is a hard work that practiced.,The camel is now going to your door.,Can you learn??”Wood peak seems to be non-deal with this person,A mouth is ridicule。
Chu Deiren naturally listened,This person should be the famous gentleman Jian Yue.!
Indeed, it seems to be forty years old.,But what is the soffless crap?。
Yue does not see you:“Mangny this is a meeting,I have to knew Yuemou.。”
“You are now too fast.?However, it seems that it is like a sun.……”
Trojan,Yue Yue is still not moving,Yue Lingshan、There is also other Huashan disciples.,However, the Yue did not raise his hand to stop。
“But now Suner……”The peak of the wood suddenly looked back at the evil spirits.,Remind the direction of Chu Deirers before。
I only saw the second floor.,Rely on a small laser,Looking at the Chu Deirers,There is also a group of Yue, who is just arrived.,At this time, I saw the wooden peak to see him.,I really think of it.。
On the second floor,Trojan looks,But this height,It is also a matter of feet.,That little hump……It is simply the extent of ordinary body fitness,How to hide?
It’s just that the Chu deer reaction is not slow.,I know that this person is reminded.,Although it is far away from,But but also transported the void、Quick step forward,And behind the wooden peak,That is to point to the virtual point!
certainly,Chu Deirers also remember the lesson of a light,Although the point is behind,But I am far away from the distance.,Even if the poisonous gas in the hump is coming out,He is not contaminated。
And the wooden peak is the old rivers and lakes.,I have heard it behind it.,First, it is installed without reactions,Want to come。
But Chu Deirers directly output,This wooden peak can’t help but,I have to look back in the empty embassy.,After pulling out the humplore,On the second floor of the gallery with Chu Deire。
At this time, Yue Lingshan seems to have recognized it.“Hump”,What is the whisper and Yue?……
Chapter 42 This is martial arts
Swordsmanship,The origin is a peerless martial art——《Sunflower》!
《Sunflower》Various levels“sharp”,I believe what people who don’t like martial arts,Also known。
True《Sunflower》,I have already lost it early.,Whether it is the sun and moon god, the present is now practiced.,Still the ancestral bureau《Evil spirits》,In fact, it is not the original version.。
It was the red leaf of Nan Shaolin that year.,Because this martial art is too evil,And burn it,The result is before burning,The head of Huashanpai Yueu and another elderly old Cai Zifeng,Each peeks to half。
Then two times when they checked each other.,Because I found that the style is not big,Do not trust each other,I also plant Huashan School.“Sword”Disaster root。
Chu Deer estimation,Factors of planing,Huashan School“Sword”True root,It should not be simple“Munition”and“Internal work”Dispute。
After all, now the main business,The disciples under the door are not diligent?
Probably the goal of Jianzong,Is training the swordsman“Trend”Point,The gas relief is to use internal power to assist the priest method.。
After all, for ordinary people,Whether it is practicing a sword、Still in the room,Very consuming,Can be very small。
From the growth of growth,At the beginning, it is definitely the premiere of hard practice sword.——Even if you can’t understand the sword,After all, I also profess the sword.。
And the family’s work is always,Especially the heart of Huashanpai does not ask for,It’s hard to have too much effect in the first day.。
However, it is time,Instead, it is highly attribute in the family.、More advantageous,And Jianzong is uncomfortable“Trend”,This cac is not in the past,Jianzong growth is limited。
And Huashan Pai’s sword,I don’t think it’s definitely not“Peacock nine-style”This kind of textbook,But more biased towards practical。
The advantage is not to understand the sword,Skilled swordsmanship change is also helpful to fight,Defect is that this kind of swordsmanship is also more difficult to reach the reality.。
As for true“Later”,It’s not good to say who is fine.,Whether it is inner skills,Still practicing a sword,You can write the rivers and lakes!
Just for Huashan disciples,Basically, there is no large late quotation,Don’t think too much。
The sword is fighting,Later, the sunsetism《Sunflower》,War with Huashan School,I took some of the other,This is the sun and moon god edition《Sunflower》。
Red Leaf Zen Master’s disciple,When Huashan Xingshi is guilty,also been《Sunflower》absorb,Some of the two people,Later, I was practiced here.《Evil spirits》、And the custom has created a Fuvice——This person is Lin Yuanchao。
Lin Yuanzu,Because《Sunflower》Drawback,Not going to practice,Leading Lin Zhen from Lin Zhen to Linping,Just“Flower shelf”Kung Fu,The darts of the darts are more faces of black and white.、Be agency to the court,Not relying on Kung Fu!
Not long ago, Qingcheng sent Yu Yuhai stared at the Fuvi dart.《Evil spirits》,Disciple、Including your own son,Go to Fuzhou,Just a big gentleman,Also“unknown reason”,Daughter and disciple,Go to Fuzhou。